Hoyer Lift - Portland Maine Area

From a community member:

Do any hotels have access to Hoyer lifts? My wife is in a wheelchair and can only transfer using a Hoyer lift. We are looking for something in the Portland Maine area.

Travelability was able to find one for you. Try Black Bear medical.

Hi, its Pinky :fairy:; one of your friendly neighborhood Forum Moderator’s.

I have some great news for you about your trip Portland. You are not restricted to only hotels that have their own Hoyer lifts; you can choose from hundreds of hotels throughout the region with Accessible rooms (to accommodate the lift and chair) and rent a lift from several companies in the area that will deliver and pick-up the lift to the hotel for you. Also, they may be able to rent any additional equipment that would make your traveling easier on you (shower chairs, transport chairs, etc…).

Please check out these folks and see if they would work for you ok:

If you would like, I would be happy to suggest some Accessible hotels for you? Just let me know what part of the area you wanted to stay in or nearby and what type of price range you are looking in per night and I will gather you some ideas.

Plus we have quite a few members on the Forum who have already visited or are from the Portland region, who I am sure have some great suggestions also. (Thank you User8 for your Black Bear suggestion too).

Hopefully this gets you started and let us know about if you want the hotel help and will get right on it for you.

Have a fantastic time and please come back and tell about your experience with the equipment rental and the trip to Portland if you don’t mind? Would be helpful to so many users also want to make the same trip and are facing the same challenges.

Pinky :fairy: