Hoyer Lift rentals

From a community member:

I’m the parent and guardian to a 23-year-old daughter who utilizes a power wheelchair and needs a Hoyer lift for transfers. The older my daughter gets the harder it is to travel places with just her and me. Last year we did go to Omaha to the zoo and took her PCA with us, which was a big help, but we ended up having to sleep on the pull-out couch because the big bed had no way to get a Hoyer Lift underneath. I know a lot of hotels probably just don’t get what needs we have and need to be educated more. I also worry about how to obtain a Hoyer lift rental of some sort if we were to get on a plane or go somewhere. I am curious about what people do. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

I truly sympathize. I do not beed a lift but often find beds are too high for me to getvinto the bed
I have had to start traveling with a stool for trips where zi am traveling by car. One of my suggestions is deoending on tye city yiu are visiting; larger cities have more resources. For example: I was visiting NYC and staying at tte Marriott Marquis on Times Square. I called the concierge and received the infirmation where I could rent a mobility scooter and have it delivered to the hotel and picked up from there. It made my trip to tte city so much more enjiyable gaving that mobility withiut having to take mine from home. I have also found when working with a travel agent that he/she can provide that type of information. My family and I were going to Disney World for spring break abd my daughter, SOL and the 3 kids and I were staying in a rebtal home on Kissimmee. My travel afent provided me with a phone number for a rental company that delivered a mobility scooter to the FL rental afency and then picked it up from them afyer we dropped it off on our way out of town. The rental afency was delighted because thry told me it gave ttem information they needed because renters had asked and they didn’t know. Hope these 2 suggestions help.

Hotel beds on platform bases are a major issue for sure. We use a beasy board for transfers in hotels, although it is difficult.
Portable/foldable Hoyer lifts are available, but like all rolling lifts, require space under the bed to work.
The easiest solution may be to request a rollaway bed. Almost all hotels have them.
We also travel with small bed rails that just push under the mattress. Good luck to you and your daughter.

I understand completely the issue with hotel beds, and not being able to use a lift with the way the beds are set up. My husband (who needs a lift) and I just returned from a cruise and rented a lift from Special Needs Group. They delivered it right to our cabin on the ship, and I am certain they picked it up after we left. It was completely manual but worked well, not hard at all to operate. The beds we have experienced on cruise ships are open underneath. We brought his own sling as required, but there was one with it. This was in Vancouver, Canada. I know they offer this service in many places throughout the world. From their website " the leading global provider of mobility, oxygen, and other special needs equipment rentals." email info@specialneedsgroup.com Toll Free: 1-800-513-4515

Local: 954-585-0575 (Dania Beach, Florida)