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Greetings! My aunt called my mother about where to purchase medical devices and while she was able to give her some information she was not able to help with where to purchase a hoyer lift. Unfortunately my uncle is now unable to walk due to a botched back surgery and she can’t lift him by herself (He’s 6 ft 7 and 225+ pounds). Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there a brand or type that is better than others?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi Chantrise,

Depending on where you live you can always rent on.
Medicare does covers some fees on the purchase .
In Atlanta GA . To purchase one check Amazon or a used one.

The weekly rate for a Power Hoyer Lift is $125 and monthly rate is $195 with a $350 refundable security deposit. Hoyer Manual hydraulic Lift. Manual Hoyer Lifts. Medicare might cover on rentals too for over 8months.
Adjustable width to suit a variety of locations in the home. 6-point cradle design for maximum comfort. Can support up to 450 pounds . Lift weighs 72 pounds and is easily assembled out of the box. 2 persons are needed to help.

Good luck, Alex

Lifts are considered durable medical equipment and may be covered by insurance if medically necessary. Not knowing where you are in the world makes it difficult to give you specific advice but I would suggest typing “durable medical equipment dealers near me” in any search engine and it should show you dealers in your area. If funding is an issue there are programs that take in used DME and fix it and get it out to people in need for little or no cost. Do a search for “donated medical supplies near me” and see what comes up.
If you are in the US there are organizations called Centers for Independent Living in every State and they provide information and resources on topics like this. Go to ILRU Directory of Centers for Independent Living (CILs) and Associations | Independent Living Research Utilization and find the one closest to you. They should be able to direct you to a local resource

I just noticed you are in Atlanta… the CIL that covers that area is called Disability Link and I checked their website and they have an equipment loan closet and may have a lift


I got mine at MedMart.com. They sometimes have open box specials.

I went on to facebook Marketplace and searched electric lift first and they were not very many second hand but I got lucky to purchase one that was gently used and no longer needed and paid 1/3 price of new. Insurances will sometimes assist with rental of manual hoyer but electric if you can find one is sooo much better. Less work on the user.
Good luck!

Alex this is very helpful. Thank you!

Yes. I live in Atlanta but my aunt and uncle live in Cleveland OH

I would check with the CIL in Cleveland

Part of any CILs mission is to provide unbiased disability information to the public. In fact all CILs have to have a majority of their employees be people with disabilities in Oder to get their operational funding from the Federal government

I would contact your local hospital’s physical therapy group about what’s needed or let them evaluate your needs. They also deal with your local medical equipment providers and would be able to indicate which provider could meet your needs or expectations. They would most likely be aware of charitable groups that will provide equipment at no cost.

You can talk with your Dr of his Social Worker or the Hospital Social Worker. Try to get with the Dr about how long he is expected to need the Hoyer and then you will know if you should rent or buy.

Ask around where you can DONATE used medical equipment. They are frequently not-for-profits. They refurbish and help people who can’t afford one any other way.

Remember to take a breath, slowly breath it out and remember that you are powerful and capable of handling this.

You all have been so helpful! I’m sharing all of this information with my aunt. Thank you!

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We are pretty sure we’re getting this one for our son. Our need is access to our swimming pool which he can no longer access the stairs. The site also advertises for spas, inground pool and bathtubs.Triton Power Pool Lift | Patient Pool Lift

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Easy Charisse! Good luck

I have a Barton Car Ready Lift that is in great shape. It is electric (battery)- not manual. I am a wheelchair/scooter user with bad hips but I don’t need this. We used it for my Mom. It comes with the sling. I have it listed on Facebook Marketplace. Hoping someone that needs it will give it a new home. It made traveling with Mom so much easier! Lifts the person right into the car or minivan.

Hi! Where are you located? My aunt may be able to use this for my uncle.

I live in Greenwood Indiana - just south of Indianapolis off I 65.