Hoyer Lifts Availability

For a community member:

Do hotels have Hoyer lifts?
What about portable lifts?
Have you rented one? If so, where and what company did you use?

This companyCloud of Goods is located in many cities according to their website and say this about Houer Lift Rentals for hotel drop off.

Delivery and pickup: How it works

At a hotel:

  • We will drop off your rental item(s) at the hotel bell desk or the front desk. Not checked in yet? No problem! The item(s) will be left at the bell/front desk under your hotel reservation name for an easy claim upon arrival. (hint: please indicate your hotel reservation name in the “Special Instructions” section at the bottom of the reservation form).

Hope this information helps . I personally have never used Cloud of Goods but they have many of the needs for traveling with a disability or handicap.

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Patch, I know someone asked I believe on the forum about electric lift/recliner chairs for hotels stays and vacations. The Cloud of Goods located in many cities do rent electric lift chairs pictured here. They will deliver at hotels etc.

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Most hotels in US don’t have hoyer lifts. If you can rent one most hotels have solid platform based under bed so hoyer lifts will not work. You will have to call ahead to see if regular bed frames are available. You have to be specific when your talk to hotel. They have no idea what you need.


Hi, it’s Pinky :fairy: again; one of your Forum moderator’s again. Would the user be able to provide any more information about where they are wanting to travel too?

We can find companies with Hoyer lift rentals in most cities around the world for folks who are just in need of a temporary lift (daily, weekly, monthly). It is not typical at all for any hotel to have a lift in their own inventory, but most rental companies will deliver and pick-up to the hotel for you; and usually the hotel staff will make sure it gets up to your room for you. If it requires any tutorials, I always suggest making sure to arrange a delivery time when you are there so that you can get any help you need with trying to operate (in case its different from one you may use already). Usually you don’t need to be there for when they come back for it and most hotels are very good about holding any medical equipment to be picked up after you depart.

Even in a hotel I stayed in down Curacao that was specifically for people with disabilities, they had to arrange for lift rentals as needed. Maybe into the future when the hotels finally catch on how beneficial it would be to keep for guests who need them, this will be an even easier task when traveling.

We would be happy to recommend some places to rent them if you could provide us with some information about where you want to travel too? If you need help also finding an accessible hotel room, let us know and we can recommend some of those too for you.

Let us know. Happy to help make the world of travel more accessible to you.

Pinky :fairy:

Hi Pinky, we are staying in a hotel in Denver 1/11/2023 to 1/14/2023. Will you let me know who to contact to rent a hoyer lift and a shower chair? The lift is the most important for our stay. We have not chosen our hotel yet!

Thanks, Karen

Hi Karen (@kbiggs17) - accessibleGO put together City Guides and accessibility resources for our Top 30 Cities across the US. Denver is one of them. You can access those resources here. If you scroll down, you will see local Equipment Rental companies. Please note - we don’t have any affiliation with these companies.

One of the city guides at that link includes the Top 10 Accessible Hotels in Denver.

When we do accessibility confirmations - we can also ask if the hotel provides a shower chair (and make sure it is added to your reservation notes).

Let us know if you have any additional questions!