Hoyer lifts

I am new to this my name is Mike I would love to go somewhere with my wife just a close getaway I can’t walk I do have my own chair and a van to get around. But we need a hoyer lift do hotels have these or get them ? Do they make a portable one ? Any suggestions would be appreciated God bless you all

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Mike, There are several folding hoyer lifts, some claim to be portable. Look on the web.

I too would be interested in learning more about a Hoyer lift to use at home and when traveling.

My husband, who uses a wheelchair recently went to myrtle beach on vacation. I googled durable medical equipment for that area. We rented a hoyer lift and beach wheelchair and they delivered it to us. It might take a couple of phone calls but be sure to let yhem know what you need and if they dont rent them, they can more than likely point you in the right direction.

Hi Michale, I’m Pinky; one of your Forum Moderator’s. Welcome to the Forum, we love having new members and love good questions like this. Just recently we has a post about this and I just wanted to repost for you my findings and didn’t want to just paste a link for you.

*(From 8/12/22)
"We can find companies with Hoyer lift rentals in most cities around the world for folks who are just in need of a temporary lift (daily, weekly, monthly). It is not typical at all for any hotel to have a lift in their own inventory, but most rental companies will deliver and pick-up to the hotel for you; and usually the hotel staff will make sure it gets up to your room for you. If it requires any tutorials, I always suggest making sure to arrange a delivery time when you are there so that you can get any help you need with trying to operate (in case its different from one you may use already). Usually you don’t need to be there for when they come back for it and most hotels are very good about holding any medical equipment to be picked up after you depart.

Even in a hotel I stayed in down Curacao that was specifically for people with disabilities, they had to arrange for lift rentals as needed. Maybe into the future when the hotels finally catch on how beneficial it would be to keep for guests who need them, this will be an even easier task when traveling.

We would be happy to recommend some places to rent them if you could provide us with some information about where you want to travel too? If you need help also finding an accessible hotel "room, let us know and we can recommend some of those too for you.

*Let us know. Happy to help make the world of travel more accessible to you."

So far I have been pretty good at finding them in most major cities and some smaller areas if you are going to be needing them for a at least a week or longer.

More than happy to help get you setup with some vendors.

Pinky :fairy:

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Totally Accessible Aria Hotel in Las Vegas uses Surehands Lifts

Also at Mirage and Wynn.


Having been at this for two years with Hoyer lift and traveling, I found that most hotels that declare themselves handicap accessible power wheelchair/roll in shower have beds that are solid frame to the floor preventing the legs from going under the bed. Need about 4 inches. The reception desk is usually clueless and I’ve had people go back and look at the room and the bed before I make a booking. Ideally on the Internet, hotels should state that their beds are Hoyer accessible. You usually have to make your reservations well in advance. Arriving at a hotel and finding that the Hoyer is not going to work because of the bed going down to the floor, management is going to have you sleeping on a cot. It is difficult to find an adequate handicap room at the last minute evening of arrival when you realize that the hotel misstated what they have. It is wise to travel with four 4" x 4" blocks in your car and raise the bed. Your spouse can request help from the management to do this. Possibly accessibleGO can help change format listing on the Internet. So far the ALS Association has been unsuccessful in changing the industry standard of room internet description to stating Hoyer accessible bed. Mike J