iFly Accessibility Experiences?

Has anyone done indoor skydiving at https://www.iflyworld.com locations throughout the US and can share details about their accessibility options?

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I saw your question about indoor skydiving and thought I would help with sharing some additional information for the program at Ifly. *(Full disclosure: I have never gotten to try this myself because the indoor skydiving they have on cruise ships where I first saw it, is much more restrictive about who could try this… if they only knew the crazy stuff I have tried…) Anyways…back to Ifly.

Ifly has a great program called All Abilities Night in which everyone gets to fly like a superhero. if you want to check out what it looks like: Ifly All Abilities Video That night, their “All-Abilities” program goes above and beyond by offering:

  • The opportunity to indoor skydive for individuals who may have physical or cognitive challenges.
  • Proper accommodations based on specific challenges.
  • Additional assistance and attention during orientation, putting on a flight suit and helmet, etc.
  • A highly-trained, world-class iFLY instructor.
  • This Instructor personally guides All Abilities flyers through the indoor skydiving experience.

I know what your thinking; so just who exactly do they let fly on “All-Abilities” night? Well…:


Traits of children or adults with physical challenges who can indoor skydive are:

  • Partial sight or blindness
  • Partial paralysis such as paraplegia or quadriplegia
  • Physical deformities and amputees
  • Those with limited mobility due to other reasons


Traits of children or adults with cognitive challenges who can indoor skydive are:

  • Neurodevelopmental disorders including ADHD, autism and learning disabilities.
  • Neurologic disorders including cerebral palsy
  • Muscular dystrophies
  • Mental health disorders including anxiety, depression, OCD and PSD

*(the website’s FAQ page is misleading by stating: “People with current or prior head, neck, back or shoulder injury, heart condition, or any other condition that may impede their ability to take part in physical activity or increase the risk of injury, should not fly.”)

Isn’t that AMAZING? I’m making a list right now of every city near me that has a location; just in case we ever get there. MUST TRY “All-Abilities” program!

I’m dying to hear people’s flying experiences too? Please members, come share with us your visits to Ifly? *(I beg you… it may be the only way I can convince my spouse to let me… groveling)

Thank you Miriam for getting this topic started or I would have never even known it was an option for our community. SO EXCITED.

  • Keep on traveling everyone; It’s our world too! :wheelchair: :earth_americas:

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I saw a few great YouTube videos of wheelchair users partaking in iFly as well! Seems like a great experience and adrenaline rush!

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Hey everyone, Pinky again. Just wanted to follow up with checking my local iFly and they do have accessible flying; they just needed a little advance notice to make sure they had enough crew in place to help. (My location is King of Prussia in PA if that’s helpful for locals?)


Now can someone give me some advice on how to talk my doctor in giving me the ok? :person_shrugging:t6:

Keep Flying Everyone! We all deserve to be superheroes for a few minutes of our lives. (And sooooooo much safer then jumping from a plane)
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