I'm looking for a hotel near Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania that has adjustable beds

I’m looking to stay in Wilkes-Barre area in Pennsylvania with adjustable beds or lower beds.

Hi Myers. It’s Pinky :fairy:, One of your Forum Moderators.

I was so hoping to make my spouse proud with this one, since they’re from Wilkes-Barre, but this one would have been tough, even for Sherlock :mag_right:. I went through every hotel in the city’s photos, just to check what the beds were like; and my finding were slim and may not be as low as you are looking for. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Check out:
Hilton Garden Inn - Wilkes-Barre
Holiday Inn Wilkes-Barre - East Mountain

I want you to know that I didn’t just stop at just looking for hotels. I went through Airbnb, VRBO and searched the whole area for somewhere that might even rent the type of bed you need. BUT… I did have an idea? Sometimes when we stay at hotels and request a rollaway bed, they tend to basically be a mattress on wheels because it basically sits on the ground. You may need to contact the hotels you like and ask for the front desk or housekeeping to ask what type rollaway beds they have.

I’m sorry it’s probably not the kind of idea you wanted to hear. I swear I will keep racking the brain to see if I can think of something. If its just the low bed issue and you don’t need any other accessible features where you are staying, you may want to go through the Airbnb listings with your specific travel dates and look through the bedroom’s photos to see if any would work?

Even though Wilkes-Barre is next to “The Office’s” modern looking Scranton, things are still a little spread out up in the Northwest corner of the state and its much more a rural-popular area now that the industrial parts have shut down up there and the supporting businesses are spread out thin. (That and the show was filmed in L.A…lol; now there it would be easy to find you this).

If your going to be there long term, we could look for a regional durable medical goods rental company that would deliver for monthly rentals? Just an idea. We’re at your disposal here at the Forum and will try our best to help you when we can. Hopefully some other members in the Forum will come to aid with some better ideas soon.

Thank you for your patience and I promise to keep asking my kin folk-in-laws to see if anyone else has ideas too.

Hang in there,
*** -Pinky :fairy: :kissing_heart:**

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Hi Myer’s, It’s Pinky again with one more contact to pass on. I saw an ad for a company called Young’s Medical Equipment, that said they rented medical beds. I searched everywhere for a website for them and no luck, but here is their contact info:
1069 Hanover St
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 18706
(570) 819-0900
Not the greatest Yelp reviews unfortunately. But as I said, I will keep asking around and if I hear of anything more; will post back right away for you.

Hang in there… there has to be a solution to this.
-Pinky :fairy:

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