Information on rooms with plenty of electrical outlets?


From a member of our community:

Does anyone have information on rooms with plenty of electrical outlets? Looking toward the future to hopefully be able to vacation with our son’s family. He was just diagnosed with MS BUT their daughter needs at least 6 grounded outlets near each other for her vent and other equipment. No power strips…real outlets.

We are in Western Pennsylvania and looking at 3 hour radius for the vacation.


I don’t know of specific hotels with multiple outlets everywhere but I do travel with a couple of multiple outlets of my own. U have a couple of plugs that you plug into a grounded outlet and each offers 3 outlets plus 2 USB ports. I always take them even when I stay with friends and especially on cruises when I ass a grounded power strip because staterooms don’t usually have many outlets. It was greatly needed when my friend traveling with me uses a CPAP machine and we both had smartphones and ebooks.


We also carry a surge protector outlet strip (it stays in my CPAP bag). We have to use it almost every hotel we stay at because they don’t have enough outlets.