International Disability Parking Permit?

From a community member:

I’m recognized as having a disability and have a registered disability parking permit in Israel where I live. Whenever I have to travel abroad, mostly to Great Britain for treatment, and now to Greece for vacation, I can’t use the designed accessible parking spots as my parking permit isn’t valid everywhere. Could the powerful groups, associations, non-profit organizations for people with disabilities try to lobby for an internationally accepted document? Or does such a thing already exist?
Thank you!

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This is such a a good idea and a great question. I’m certain my handicap parking tag wouldn’t work in any country outside of the United States. I’ll be following this closely.

Following this. I have not tried using my placard in another country but hope to travel to Europe while I can.

What would be even better, is a universal disabilities act for the world.

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I have used my American parking placard in Europe (Sweden) several times over the past ten years and have not had a problem with it. It may or may not actually be allowed but I am under the assumption that parking enforcement does not examine the hang tags too carefully…

We have used our hang tag i Europe without a problem but I would like an international one to be more secure too.