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Hi my name is Vicky and I’m anxious to learn about this site


I will be praying for you

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I’m Monica. My boyfriend has muliple sclerosis and sometimes needs a mobility scooter. We love traveling. It’s great to find more resources to help us plan new adventures.

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Hello Daniel and the community also. My name is Jo-Ann and I will be married 50 years to my husband Jim on June 29th. I am legally blind and also have mobility issues. I ride a scooter I
get around Outdoors able to get around in my own home for a limited amount of time if I have to sit. We were planning to go on a cruise for our anniversary with a another couple oh, but you are just me there were no rooms available that were wide enough to get through with my scooter. ( we need one of those 32 inch wide doors). Needless to say we are very disappointed as this was going to be our first cruise ever. Long story short, is how I found this website hoping for some feedback some others that it had this problem perhaps. Please excuse errors in this. I use text to speech and it may have misinterpreted some of my words.

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My name is April, I have arthritis in both knees and my hips I can’t walk without crutches I get tired easy because of the pain
Thank you

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Hello my name is Sheila Brown i can only walk or sit for 30min at a time i like to travel.

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Welcome welcome welcome to our newest community members!

@johnivaughn1970 Nice to see you here, Johni! We recently created a category on the forum called Families with Special Needs which you can post to for your son.

@shantellehoskins Hi Shantelle! You’re an inspiration to all of us. There are a number of different members here with chronic pain from a range of causes. Let us know what we can do to help make traveling easier for you.

@tripletrouble1999 Hey Vicky! Welcome to accessibleGO. You can learn more about our travel platform on Our Vision page.

@monicakouznetsov Welcome, Monica! I hope you and your boyfriend discover new travel ideas and save money on hotels through accessibleGO’s travelers club (“clubGO”). The inspiration for accessibleGO came from our CEO Miriam’s mother who had MS.

@joagi111 Greetings, Jo-Ann! WOW - 50 years of marriage, friendship, and travel!! You guys are super. I’m so sorry to hear about your disappointment with the cruise line not having wide doors for your scooter. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  1. You can filter our list of cruise lines based on accessibility accommodations. Here’s the link: https://accessiblego.com/cruises

  2. There are many wonderful community members on the forum here with significant cruise experience. I suggest you post to the Cruises category with your specific question and needs.

  3. Aileen Walsh @ajw89113 has been writing a series of blog posts about her recent accessible cruise experience. Her first post is about her pre-cruise hotel stay in Galveston, Texas which can be read on the community blog. Her next post in the series will be a write-up of the Royal Caribbean cruise itself. So stay tuned!

  4. I know that Scootaround.com delivers scooters to some cruise lines for you. Might help with your planning.

@blondeandfreme1 Hey April! We’re so happy you’re here. Do you have any plans for travel? Please let us know how we can help you with your next trip. I’m wondering if you’ve tried a mobility scooter for some portions of your trips instead of crutches only.

Hi my name is Marilyn and my son has CdLS with anxiety and we will be traveling to New Hampshire in October for his cousin’s wedding my family doesn’t want him to go they think the plane ride will be too much for him do you have any advice for us? He is 22 and the last time he flew he was about 8 and didn’t really have any issues yet

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Hi Marylin @mkbraaten. Thanks for reaching out for advice. I don’t have personal experience with CdLS.

But the CdLS Foundation has a Help Hotline for support: 1.800.753.2357 that you can call right now.

You can also email them familysupport@CdLSusa.org with your question about air travel for your wonderful son. If you decide to take the flight, we’d love to hear how the trip went. Others may be in the same boat as you and appreciate reading your experience.

Tanya here. I am from North West Queensland. Australia. I am a bilateral below knee amputee. Love to travel. Have only been an amputee since July 2018 so I am looking forward to having some experiences in my chair and with my prosthetics.

Hi! I’m Walter Bonam, from New Orleans – a power wheelchair user for 7 1/2 years, per a spinal cord injury from a gunshot inflicted during an armed robbery attempt, leaving me totally paralyzed from the chest down, but still blessed in countless ways. I truly appreciate this website, which I have just discovered through an e-mail. I am particularly interested in learning from the experiences of those who have traveled by air with a power WC, as my wife and I have heard some horror stories from acquaintances whose chairs were mangled by airline baggage handlers. Such stories have thus far deterred us from attempting to fly since my injury. I’m hoping to learn some things that might decrease the likelihood of such misfortune in the event that my wife (also my chief caregiver/attendant) and I finally overcome our apprehensions regarding air travel. I would then gladly share my experiences with others through this forum.

I am a full time care giver for my husband who has FTD/PPA. He is completely non verbal but does understand simple instructions.
He fell late 2017 and shattered the Acetabular in his hip and he is now in wheelchair full time.
We were avid travellers and I particularly miss not travelling. Looking forward to travelling again.
Marguerite and Alan

Hi Cynthia n John. I have MS and cannot stand or walk long distances. I appear healthy! We recently took a cruise to Bahamas. I have a portable fold up scooter. It could go in cargo hold and back of van. My husband is 70 and has to lift it himself. Airports and cruise ships and a tour bus were all helpful. I do not work and he is not retired. We had hoped to do some traveling once he did. This sounds like a helpful contact. Thank you

Hi! My name is Jo and I have MS. It’s now progressed so I am using an eFoldi scooter to scoot distances. Heading to Puebla in Mexico in June and it’ll be my first time flying with a scooter.

My Name is Shariff Bacchus. I am new to travelling with a disability. I am interested in traveling. I am 69 years old. However i am living in Ontario, Canada. I will use this site to travel to the USA and international. I am interested in the Islands like Barbados, Jamaica etc. I hope to use this site to get some important information when I am ready to travel. Thanks

Hello! I’m Leslie, and my wonderful wife is V., and we both have accessibility issues. Due to damage caused by some spectacular accidents that make for great stories, she has chronic pain and weakness in her right knee (broken during a ski accident on an advanced slope that they were supposed to have closed 15 minutes earlier where she broke both legs in multiple places, one arm and wrist, and shattered her right knee), and her left ankle (badly broken while descending to the river for a white water rafting trip in Zambia, which she had to complete because of lions). She is in a long recovery period to rebuild her left foot and ankle, so we’re hoping that in a few months she will have significantly improved mobility. But even just for her right knee, she can’t stand for long periods, she frequently uses a cane, she needs a wheelchair for longer distances like airports, and needs a walk-in shower or a tub with far more grab bars than most provide.

My story is nowhere near as interesting: I have ankylosing spondylitis which causes chronic back and SI joint pain, and makes it very difficult for me to sit for long periods of time. My biggest challenge is navigating flying with TENS units and ice packs. We balance each other well.

She is 69 and has been retired for several years, and I am 60 and will be retiring in June (2019) so we’re hoping to do a lot more traveling now that we’re both retired.

We’re very happy to find a resource that will allow us to both research and share information related to accessibility while traveling.

On a side note, I run a regional Facebook group for nature and wildlife, and one of my retirement projects is inspired by this site – I want to compile information, submitted by members, on both challenges and accessibility features of various areas where people can go to observe and enjoy nature in our region. I hope to take it beyond wheelchair access and include things such as how even are the paths, are there places to stop and sit along the way, how high are the risers on stairs and are there solid handrails. I also hope to also address accessibility for people with developmental limits or who have autism, looking at things such as how noisy is the visitor center, etc.

Hello! My name is Rebecca Parten. I’m 29 and live in Michigan. I have Escobar Syndrome which is a genetic condition affecting all of my joints and muscles. I have limited range of motion in all my joints, am tiny, about 3’4’’ and have severe scoliosis which affects my breathing. I use a ventilator at night with a face mask. I use a power wheelchair most of the time but can walk short distances. Finally, I also have low vision and hearing loss. I’m excited to find this group! I have a few trips planned with my parents this summer so I’ll probably be posting separate threads about them.

Hello, My name is Janet. My husband, Sid was diagnosed with M.S. back in 1986. We are blessed that he can still walk short distances. He uses a scooter when we’re out and about. We have a family vacation to Europe planned for this summer. Making plans for accommodations, transportation, and handicap accessible tours seems to be the biggest hurtles so far in the planning process. I’m so glad I found this group.

Hello. I’m Jenn. I have RSD × 30 years. I love traveling. I have found being physically challenged, I’m having a hard time finding hotels that can accommodate my disability. I like to write as well. Are you in need of anyone like me? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Hi all. I’m Adrienne a C7 Incomplete quadraplegic, which means I have some movement and some sensation. I use a gutter frame or a walking frame to help mobilise, for very short distances, otherwise I’m mostly a full time wheelchair user.
I live in Melbourne, Australia, with my husband (Murray) of 38 years and he is an amazing “rock”. I wouldn’t be without him.
I have two children (young adults) My son is married and has given us the most beautiful grandson recently. My daughter lives with her partner and three dogs :dog:
They are all a great help to me, emotionally and physically
I feel very privileged to be part of accessibleGO group and when next I’m in travel mode, this group will be of great assistance