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Introduce Yourself!

Hi, I’m Bridger I have high functioning autism. My dreams to travel the world. Exploring every place imaginably.

I don’t have much of a physical disablity anymore. That means, I just have to deal with social issues. My communication face to face can be kind of choppy. Online though it’s a walk in the park. I do have development issues and come off weird as hell sometimes.

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Hi Richard. Welcome to accessibleGO. That’s a great dream, to travel the world.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Where’s your next trip going to be?

Love the photo! Way to go.

My plans include Asia, Europe, and eventually the Middle East. I like the idea of not being held down to one place. It’s kind of a dream of mine to travel for 15+ years around the whole world. It might happen but a little later in my life.

My college actually has a exchange program. Might head down for a few years to Germany or Switzerland to study. It will be a great experience. Although for at least two years. I’ll be at my towns local university. Wish me luck :wink:

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Hi Daniel. I’m Robin. 60 YO and have Myotonnic Dystrophy 1. I’m still able to walk with some difficulty. Does ClubGo have a travel companion program.

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My name is Francine, I am 77 and live with my husband in a Retirement community. My husband is more mobile than I am, but he has some vision issues and consequently limits his driving. I have orthopedic issues, including two knee replacements as well as revision which has resulted in serious waking abilities followed by a fall that left me unable to walk except for short distance. Need to use power chair or transport chair to go out.
Looking for ideas for traveling, in general. Enjoying this forum.

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Hi Robin (@garynrob)! Thanks for the question. People with disabilities and their caregivers can join accessibleGO’s traveler’s club.

Currently you need a disability parking permit or have membership with one of our non-profit partners in order access the hotel deals which are not available to the public. However, we will soon be updating our traveler’s club so more people can join even if they don’t have membership with one of our non-profit partner organizations.

To join the traveler’s club on accessibleGO, log into accessibleGO.com, then click on “clubGO” from your profile’s menu. Note that you have to leave the forum and return to the main site first.

You can also try using this link:
https://accessiblego.com/account then click on “clubGO” from the menu and follow the steps to join. Happy to help if you get stuck at any point. :slight_smile:

HI all!

I am 27 with a spinal injury from when I was a paramedic. I’m able to walk with some difficulty, and sometimes use a cane. I struggle with feeling like an imposter because I don’t always show on the outside how much pain I’m in. It sucks having people question whether I really need that seat on the bus or not, because I look young and healthy.

It’s nice to have a community of people to talk to around traveling with disabilities. I cannot stand for very long, and I’ve had a lot of trouble, most notably in airports, waiting in lines for security or customs.

Thanks y’all for being here!

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Hi @dbclindholm! Welcome to accessibleGO! I know exactly what you mean about having people question whether you really need the seat on the bus or not. I’m sorry you have to face that. Here’s what our family does in those situations: Disabilities that can’t be seen

Have you tried requesting an airline’s free wheelchair service at the airport? It makes a big difference to be wheeled to the check in counters and be seated during the line for security check. Just call the airline beforehand and tell them you will need the wheelchair assistance service.

Hi my name is Tony - I’m from Grand Rapids Michigan and have Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. Married and have two kids; always struggled to find accessible accommodations for a family of four. Looking to do a West Coast trip or even a cruise.

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Hi @tdeller7! Glad to hear you’ve got some destinations in mind. Let us all know how we can help you along the way. There are some forum threads here about accessible cruises that may help you get started.

Hello! I’m Sue and I’m fairly new to the accessibility game. Due to steroid meds after a bone marrow transplant, my spine is compressing badly. I used to travel widely on business and for fun, but after three spine surgeries, I can walk only a short distance and can’t stand for more than a few minutes. Having my wings clipped for three years has been a challenge, but I now have a scooter and am trying to figure out the best way to transfer it from place to place overseas, especially when I travel alone. I’d appreciate any advice on that! Thanks and good luck to everyone!

ps - I’ve had a blue tag for several years, but after moving across the country, I don’t have an official card that can be photocopied. Can I still qualify for hotel discounts?

My name is Evelyn Hodges. My husband is an amputee who usually uses a collapsible wheelchair. He can transfer to a car but cannot climb steps on a bus. We love to travel and love to cruise. We are currently booked on two cruises. The first is on RC Vision of the Seas going from San Juan to Barbados, st George, Roseau, st Martin and st Thomas. The second cruise is on princess going to Hawaii, Hilo, Honalulu, Kauai. Any ideas about accessible places to visit would be appreciated. Also if anyone has used a private tour they liked, I would like recommendations

Hi, I’m Carolyn
Lifelong disabilities due to premature birth. Lived/worked “normally” ;was a nurse almost 20 yrs til my hip problems and RA became too severe and I went on disability in 2009. Am powerchair bound for mobility except for a little around my apartment then it’s a walker. This summer my cousin and I are planning a roadtrip from here in Texas to the East coast

Hi my name is Kathy and I have multiple sclerosis and use a wheelchair. My husband and I love to get out of “dodge” every now and than. We both have great attitudes but traveling in the hotel venue, you can’t just wing it. I love to see people with disabilities live life to the fullest.

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Hi, my name is Nicolas and I’m 35 gay and Disabled. I’m so glad to have a partner that accept me though thick and thin. I’m happy to hear from you soon.

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I’m Susan. Retired from the field of Child Development. Trying to figure out how to manage “pull” luggage while using a rollator!

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Hi Daniel, my husband has Parkinson/Lewy body dementia. He’s in early stage but the diagnosis took two years. I’m his wife caregiver supported by long term care home care givers. it’s a big challenge. believe it or not, I have two disabilities: one vision Low vision from birth and a second diagnosed in my mid 50s with MS. We are both retired living in Ocala Florida with family in Washington/N. Virginia and DundAulk, Md outside Baltimore. I came to Central Florida after my Dad passed to live close to my Mom. I’m an only child,. Mom is healthy but has hearing loss and memory problems at age 94.

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Hello, All! I am Cheryl and the wife of a newly handicap husband. We’ve been together for 40 years but handicap for just 7 years. We are still learning about accessibility and safety while traveling. We both feel very vulnerable in new/foreign places and at night while he is in his wheelchair and I am alone beside him. I am ambulatory but my husband Scott is a 3 time Cancer Survivor that left him learning how to walk again. Condrosarcoma took his pelvis bone and part of his femur. He uses a wheelchair most of the time but can walk about 200 yards using a leg brace and crutches before has has to sit. We have 2 grown daughters, one Son-In-Law and a whole lot of pets. You probably won’t see Scott posting here. He is not much for Social Media. But I am! I found out about this site by attending The Abilities Expo in Houston and listening to Debra Kerper speak on Travel, specifically, cruising. She made is sound easy!

We’ve always loved cruising and have since learned the ropes around ships and attaining the very limited and affordable accessible rooms etc. Still learning about off shore excursions and that if you want to see something, you’re gonna have to pay more than ambulatory people. Or that Scott is simply not allowed to participate. We do the best we can to see what we want. But is there a better way?? Mostly we enjoy a quiet get away from doctors, therapists, Labs, Orthotists, etc appointments. He is retired and I am semi-retired both of us from the airline industry so we’ve already traveled extensively in our jobs. But learning to travel now has presented us with new challenges.

Scott finds it difficult to sit for long periods of time on planes. Imagine sitting with no hip on one side. The strain to stay upright hurts his back. That limits us to local ports for cruises. We live in the Houston area and mainly cruise out of Galveston TX. That somewhat limits our destinations but we are very happy to just enjoying the amenities of the ships. Road trips are hard on him, too but we try to make it to the beaches of Corpus Christi once a year. The more he sits, the longer he need to be be prone to recover.

I am the mule. I do all the planning. I lift his EZLite wheelchair in and out of places and carry all our baggage. I am stronger than I ever have been! LOL I struggle learning to be alone while on vacation during the hours Scott is napping and resting. I have never traveled solo before and I despise eating in restaurants alone. But I am learning to become independent while away from home. I just hate to miss out on things simply because I am alone! As a Caregiver, I have my own sets of challenges.

I love to learn and look forward to learning from all of you here. ~Cheryl

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