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Hello, I just recently joined this place. I do hope to be able to travel again in the near future. My major disabilities started at the end of 2012 and since then I have had to learn how to live like this. Chronic pain from DDD, Kienbocks disease, Carpal tunnel, RA and so much more. I have had multiple surgeries over the past few years including lumbar diskectomy laminectomy, revision carpal surgery on both hands along with ulnar transposition at both elbows, also had a salvage surgery on my right hand where they removed 3 bones which are the proximal row as the lunate exploded and desinigrated the two ajoining bones, 3 level cervical fusion on March 3rd 2019 and having a 6 level cervical fusion this coming Wednesday. My hands have become rediculously hard to use and hurt all the time. Hoping the upcoming surgery will return some feeling in my fingers but that’s probably not going to happen. I live on Norco, methadone and Flexaral to get me through the day… After I recover from upcoming surgery I will be taking over full care of my Mother who is currently in skilled rehab waiting for me to bring her home. I don’t know how I’m going to do all this with no help and being so broken myself but somehow I have to. So I need to buy a house like yesterday so I can get my Mother and I under the same roof as I can not stay with her in her apartment and she can’t stay here where I’m staying as it’s not my house. I can’t move in with her because I have several dogs that I love and show… so I will be temporarily staying with her and running home daily to care for my dogs then running back. This will be going on until I find a house. Anyway life is complicated these days and I struggle daily getting through another day. So that’s my story as of today… I am hoping to reclaim some type of normal life in the future and signing up here seems like a great first step. I am also hoping to return to showing my dogs in AKC Shows wich requires alot of travel and discount’s are definitely needed :grinning:

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Hi! I’m Lisa Dumire and my nickname is Lucy Mae. My husband Tim and I are both retired from NC National Guard and both are service-connected, disabled veterans.

We have a Work and Play travel trailer (toy-hauler), that we have taken cross-country to visit our son. We usually park at a military post campground as it is more reasonably priced than the local KOAs or Good Sam’s Club RV parks.

I am looking forward to making new friends and new memories with the assistance of the forums on this site. Thanks for the add.

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Hi! My name is Amanda and I am so happy to have found this site. I have an invisible disability that makes it difficult to walk or stand for any significant amount of time. I currently use a walker but have recently been told that I will need to use a wheelchair since my legs have begun to give out on me. Finding hotels that are accessible has been a real pain and even when I request simple things like a shower chair, I find that most either don’t have them or “forget” the accommodation.

So I’m thrilled to be a part of this site! Before I got sick, I loved to travel and explore. But now I feel isolated and with two small kids I feel like I let them down bc we can’t go like I was able to before. Hopefully this site will help change that!

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Hi. My name is Susan. I have multiple non-visible issues, from arthritic to fibromyalgia to cancer. Horrible knee pain, bad balance, etc. So I use a scooter to go any distance, like over 100 feet. I’m retired. My wife and I love to travel, especially cruises. I’m glad to find this forum.

Hi my name is Marlene and I have disabilities that people can’t see! I love to travel with my husband and all our adventures!

Friends and husband…they made me walk stairs, it took awhile but we got there!

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Hello my name is Connie. I have traveled all my life and upon retiring in 2017 I traveled to Europe for a month with my husband. A few months after our return I received a diagnosis of ALS I am now confined to a wheelchair. However we have found ways to continue to travel. This year we have taken 3 cruises and have one more planned for December. In addition we’re flying to Hawaii in November. I’m not sure how long I can continue this but meanwhile I don’t want to sto living. I would love to return to Europe but unsure how traveling with a wheelchair and needing accessible services would work out there.

Hello. I’m Carol. I was hit with Transverse Myelitis 3 years ago, at first couldn’t move from my neck down. After 3 years I still have no feeling in my hands or my legs. Thanks to Robotics I can move my legs to walk. I walk like a robot, but at least I walk. Get very tired very quickly. We want to travel, but limited as to what we can do. Husband 76, not good at pushing wheelchair. We sometimes rent scooter. Need handicapped room, can’t step in that tub! Looking forward to hearing experiences.

Hi my name is Imani,

And I am very very New too this.
I’m a c5 quadriplegic But I do get out and travel .
With my family and friends.
I have been to AC and South Carolina.
But I am having a problem with Traveling right now.
Can you please help me with some information.

Hi. I’m Susan, and live in MA. I’m a retired RN and Acupuncturist. I have some mobility issues, and use my scooter a lot, although I can walk short distances. I have 2 grown children and 3 fantastic grandchildren. Valorie and I have been together nearly 15 years, and married almost 5. We have a wonderful dog named Toby, who is a Cavalier KC Spaniel mix. This photo is of Toby with our #1doggie sitter and massage therapist, Kristin. She knows just where to rub

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My name is Mary Beth. I have progressive chronic pain and neuropathy, as well as IBS and fibromyalgia that have me using a cane outside the house most of the time for short distances and my mobility scooter for longer distances. I have two long term partners, one of whom has disabling chronic peripheral neuropathy, and five children, two of whom have chronic pain as well. We are a family held together by love, KT tape, understanding, mobility devices, compassion, a bunch of wicked sense of humor, silly string, cooperation, and crazy glue. We just get it done…

Hi, I’m Bridger I have high functioning autism. My dreams to travel the world. Exploring every place imaginably.

I don’t have much of a physical disablity anymore. That means, I just have to deal with social issues. My communication face to face can be kind of choppy. Online though it’s a walk in the park. I do have development issues and come off weird as hell sometimes.

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Hi Richard. Welcome to accessibleGO. That’s a great dream, to travel the world.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Where’s your next trip going to be?

Love the photo! Way to go.

My plans include Asia, Europe, and eventually the Middle East. I like the idea of not being held down to one place. It’s kind of a dream of mine to travel for 15+ years around the whole world. It might happen but a little later in my life.

My college actually has a exchange program. Might head down for a few years to Germany or Switzerland to study. It will be a great experience. Although for at least two years. I’ll be at my towns local university. Wish me luck :wink:

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Hi Daniel. I’m Robin. 60 YO and have Myotonnic Dystrophy 1. I’m still able to walk with some difficulty. Does ClubGo have a travel companion program.

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My name is Francine, I am 77 and live with my husband in a Retirement community. My husband is more mobile than I am, but he has some vision issues and consequently limits his driving. I have orthopedic issues, including two knee replacements as well as revision which has resulted in serious waking abilities followed by a fall that left me unable to walk except for short distance. Need to use power chair or transport chair to go out.
Looking for ideas for traveling, in general. Enjoying this forum.

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Hi Robin (@garynrob)! Thanks for the question. People with disabilities and their caregivers can join accessibleGO’s traveler’s club.

Currently you need a disability parking permit or have membership with one of our non-profit partners in order access the hotel deals which are not available to the public. However, we will soon be updating our traveler’s club so more people can join even if they don’t have membership with one of our non-profit partner organizations.

To join the traveler’s club on accessibleGO, log into, then click on “clubGO” from your profile’s menu. Note that you have to leave the forum and return to the main site first.

You can also try using this link: then click on “clubGO” from the menu and follow the steps to join. Happy to help if you get stuck at any point. :slight_smile:

HI all!

I am 27 with a spinal injury from when I was a paramedic. I’m able to walk with some difficulty, and sometimes use a cane. I struggle with feeling like an imposter because I don’t always show on the outside how much pain I’m in. It sucks having people question whether I really need that seat on the bus or not, because I look young and healthy.

It’s nice to have a community of people to talk to around traveling with disabilities. I cannot stand for very long, and I’ve had a lot of trouble, most notably in airports, waiting in lines for security or customs.

Thanks y’all for being here!

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Hi @dbclindholm! Welcome to accessibleGO! I know exactly what you mean about having people question whether you really need the seat on the bus or not. I’m sorry you have to face that. Here’s what our family does in those situations: Disabilities that can’t be seen

Have you tried requesting an airline’s free wheelchair service at the airport? It makes a big difference to be wheeled to the check in counters and be seated during the line for security check. Just call the airline beforehand and tell them you will need the wheelchair assistance service.