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Hi my name is Mary Jones. I experience rheumatoid arthritis and use a scooter to assist me to walk. I can use a walker for 10 steps or less. I would like to Stuart a travel group for seniors with special needs. I am 70 and love to travel and I am interested in the best accommodations for special needs travlers. Thank you for your your much needed service in helping all of us enjoy our days on earth :two_hearts:

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Hey Mary Jones! You’re very welcome. :blush:

What are the most important features for you when you’re looking for accommodations?

Do you have any travel plans yet for 2019 (and beyond!)?


Wheelchair shower, raised toilet, lowered face bowl, mirror, light switch, wide doors for wheelchair.

Yes I am planning a Disney Cruise to Hawaii for me and my family of 20 people, and Jamaica trip for Dec 2019 or Jan 2020.

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I am new here and am not very good using computers. I don’t know how to download pics very well either.
I am 63 yrs old. I have severe osteoarthritis and fybermyalgia. We have a daughter who is 42 and in a nursing home with MS. She is paralyzed & has 2 children living with their dad. We need to travel a lot 3 hrs away to visit her. It’s expensive in the Indianapolis area to stay. We need help! Having a handicapped room sure helps us. My husband had 8 surgeries in 4 yrs on shoulders & back. Thanks for any help you can give us.

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We’d be glad to help in any way that we can. The inspiration for this travel site was my mother, who also had MS. Please let us know what is your budget per night for an Indianapolis hotel, and what specific needs you have for your hotel room, and we’d be very glad to look into this for you and send back some options. We will message you privately as well.

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Hello I’m Melissa Randolph and I have mobility issues and I love to travel but my disability keeps me from doing it as much as I would like. Thank you for having me in the accessible go family. God bless you. Happy Holidays

Hello I'm Melissa

Hello , My name is Dusya and I have a few invisible disabilities . My S.O , His disabilities are more obvious. We are from Quincy, Ma :blush:


Hi. My name is Susan.


Hi I am Deanna @ Expedia CruiseShipCenters - I am a travel agent and also a mother of a severely disabled son with CP in a wheelchair.


Happy New Year! My name is Sharon and I am new to this forum. I suffered a spinal compression fracture in 2009 and I am now in a power wheelchair due to weakness, neurological issues, and congestive heart failure. I plan to take a trip to Scandinavia and England next fall and I’m starting the planning process now. If any of you have ever been there and have any tips to share I would like to hear them. I look forward to sharing and learning from you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Greetings, my name is Jennifer and I have been disabled all of my life. I’m 47 years young and have had 48 surgeries. I have Denerative Joint Disease affecting pretty much all of my joints. Then I also have a very rare genetic disorder. So rare in 1993 when I was diagnosed outside of my family there were only 22 other documented patients listed with NORD.
I sometimes use a wheelchair, sometimes a walker other times I get around pretty good with a cane. It just depends on the day I’m having. I haven’t traveled much or gone anywhere fun since 2006 when my health spiraled out of control. Now I’m improving and my best friend who is a Double Amputee and I want to start going places but require things like accessable bathrooms and rooms close to elevators. So, it can be difficult to navigate our needs with hotels and such.
We would love to go on a Cruise to Celebrate our birthdays in April 2020. I’m still doing the research on that.
We do have our first Adventure together planned for May of this year. We are going to a concert in Dallas, Texas. We are still working on getting a hotel room and we know that the hotel will shuttle us to the venue but we think we will use Uber to get the half mile back to where we want to stay. Cross your fingers for us that this works out with no hitches.
Thanks for creating this organization its long overdue. Hopefully more of us can travel now.


Hello nice to meet you have a blessed day.


I pray you and your friend have a successful trip and everything works out well. I definitely understand how you feel I love to travel but am not able to.

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:wave:t2: Hi my name is Karen and, I am from Niagara Falls, N.Y. A little about myself… I am a retired nurse of 27 years. I have 1 child and this June will be my 5th wedding anniversary. When I saw a link on FB for accessablego I had to click on it like I do with everything and, right away it caught my interest to find out more about this site.
I must agree there are many disabilities that are not visible to the naked eye :eye: but they are truly out there. My reason for this statement is I am pretty close to invisible as they get just sitting normal , not moving or performing any physical activity. To make a longer story short in July of 2016 I went to my pcp to complete my pre-op exam to have a “spur” removed. I am sure everyone knows what they are. The NP who was doing my examination was just about ready to clear me, when she again looked at me and said that she would like a chest X-ray. I was not happy but I went thinking she could already have ordered with my labs. I went and had the X-ray right away, but before I could make it home my phone rang and I was told I needed to have a CT scan. I went the following day and, it was now Friday AM getting ready for work my phone rings at 8:15 am and it was the doctors office. I was told that I needed to come in later that morning for the CT results. I knew I just couldn’t leave my job as I was the only nurse so the NP agreed to come in early to meet with me. I arrived to the office and, that morning my life would change before my eyes.
The NP looks at me and says,” I had to cancel your surgery”. My heart hit the floor and I asked her why? I was told that there were lymph nodes. I said ok so what does that mean? The nurse looks at me and says that she was sorry that there we’re more than 1 and, at this visit without biopsy I was told I had stage 4 metastatic lung cancer. After needle and large tissue biopsies, I was given the diagnosis of having “Sarcoidosis”. I promised the short version and I’m trying :confused:since my diagnosis and another confirmation the following February I indeed had sarcoidosis. It is now 2019 and 2 days ago after 5 hospitals, 2 travels out of the area for testing, wrong meds, just wrong everything I started a very strong powerful IV medication. My last scan in August revealed that the sarcoidosis has worsened by 100% and it has made its way around everything but now it has made its way into my liver. I am in pain pretty much 24/7.
Disabilities do not need to be seen, you never know what someone is facing, challenging, or fighting. A lot of these disabilities require the same level of care, service, or what ever the need is just like a person with visable challenges.
I asked Miriam if I could join this site my main reason is to hopefully relieve a little frustration, and maybe share tips to make travel a little less stressful (in no means should you take any tips, and use them against your own medical providers, the statements or tips I share are clearly of my own thoughts, ideas, or experiences).
I do have traveling experience and am familiar with disabilities cruising, hotel stays, or general questions I can help with. Please feel free to ask and, if I do not have an answer we can work together to find the answer.



Hey Y’all! I’m Theresa from Gulf Shores Alabama. I’m married and have a 10 year old son. I have several issues going on, sciatica, fibromyalgia, IBS, legally blind, the list goes on. We like to visit beaches, fish, and see new things. I have a hard time with walking and it’s getting the best of me because I feel like I’m not a good Mother. I feel like I’m robbing my son of a “normal” life of camping, hiking ect. If I go somewhere I have to be sure there’s a bathroom nearby and places to rest. I spent my younger years caring for my Grandparents then my Mother, which is where a lot of my problems came from, lifting them and their equipments ect. I don’t regret it at all I just hate the damage that it’s done. I’d love to be able to take my Son to Disney but being able to afford it or getting around there seems impossible. Hopefully here we can find something we can afford to do that’s also something I can do. Thank you :grin:

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Hi! I’m Dana, and I love to travel but don’t always get to. I am disabled and my husband travels with me, he is the quiet one. Lol.
I have mobility challenges, and I will speak up for myself if things aren’t right. I do it for myself and the next disabled person who comes after me. Hopefully I will have dealt with the issue if one exists, and another person won’t have to!
I travel with my service dog Wilbur too, and would you believe I’ve had less issues with having him than I have other things.
We are from Amarillo, Texas and we don’t have the usual typical Texas weather here
Here’s us in New Orleans for Christmas


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Hi. I’m Ellen Kinley. I have mobility issues as well as other invisible disabilities. I enjoy traveling but for personal issues I only travel once or twice a year.

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Hi everyone, I’m Jean. I’m another one with hidden disabilities. I had neck surgery in 2017 and back surgery in 2018. I have good days and bad days, which make it extremely difficult to plan a vacation. On good days, I can walk without my cane, taking frequent breaks to sit down. On bad days, I cant walk from the car to the house. What makes it difficult is that my mind WANTS to do so many things, but my body doesnt cooperate! Glad to meet you all!

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A huge and very warm “WELCOME!” to all you new and wonderful people who’ve joined over the holidays and since the new year!

Me, @miriam and @jschlanger have been hard at work over the holidays designing a New Look and Experience for (stay tuned!)…

Teaser Photo:

So, now that I’m back online, here’s a Roll Call welcome to all the fantastic new comers. I didn’t miss your “Introduce Yourself” posts!

  • @mardejos2 Your upcoming Disney cruise to Hawaii for 20 family members sounds incredible!! If you’re open to it, I’m sure the community would gain from a first-hand blog post review of your Disney cruise. Here’s an example of another accessibleGOer’s review of an accessible wine tasting in California. Email me at if you’d be interested. :slight_smile:

  • @kadeis246 We’re so happy you’re part of the community. If you have specific questions we can help with, don’t be a stranger. :wink:

  • @lyubovskayadusya Hi Dusya! Invisible disabilities are still disabilities, especially while traveling. Happy you made it here for you and your S.O.

  • @dolphinz1968 Hi Susan!

  • @dhbooks Hey Deanna the super mom and friendly travel agent. Welcome aboard.

  • @stratqueen Sharon, nice to meet you. If you haven’t already, go ahead and post your questions for Scandinavia and England in the Europe category of the forum.

  • @gracejellybean Hey Jennifer. WOW! You are an incredible person. Keep us posted about you and your friend’s 2019 travels. Who’s performing at the concert in TX?

  • @kmnegvesky Karen, I loved reading your personal story and love your attitude. Thanks for including your cute dogs in the photo. :dog2:

  • @theresa.ellis66 Hey Theresa! Your son has a wonderful mother who clearly loves him. Our son is 7 years old and is already very kind and responsible directly as a result of his mommy living with a couple of disabilities. Not that we love the disabilities…but good things can come from unlikely places!

  • @dpierc1267 Hi Dana. I’m so happy to meet you, your husband, and Loyal Wilbur over there. Love the philosophy of “helping the next person” – that’s what we have in mind with the hotel accessibility review tool on accessibleGO. Thanks for the photo.

  • @lissakinley314 Hey Ellen. Welcome to the community!

  • @jeanlowe91491 Jean, so happy you’ve joined us here. I know what you mean about the mind/heart wanting to do XYZ but the body not cooperating. Best thing we’ve come to is having a Plan B for whenever the body decides it’s not going to cooperate (unexpectedly).

  • And last but not least! @melissarandolph58 Melissa Randolph, you get a virtual trophy :trophy: for being so welcoming on this thread to everyone the past several weeks! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: THANK YOU! What an amazing community we have here!

P.S. What’s on your Bucket List for travel? You can share your bucket list in this new topic!

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Hi, My name is Skyelar. I am married, we have one son and a child on the way. I am the one in the family with a slew of invisible illnesses, which became more pronounced during my pregnancy with my son. Fibromyalgia, PCOS, SLE(lupus) and some minor ones. Our little family LOVES to travel. Unfortunately the fibromyalgia makes it really hard so our easiest way to get around is road trips! We love them because the many different sights we get to see and small town attractions are fun to visit. We’ve never had an issue with hotels being accommodating to the fact that I can’t walk far or if they hear me screaming and crying from a morning flare up they don’t bother us at all or complain. But it is embarrassing. And it is embarrassing to ask them to accommodate us and allow my husband to bring me the free breakfast to our room. My only concern has been how to take care of myself on the road and when we eventually get on a plane(I have never done before). These are things I am hoping to learn from everyone on here. Especially from people who don’t receive disability benefits or insurance or handicap parking like me because of one reason or another and to anyone that took the time to read this Thank you and gentle hugs!!!

P.s. is there an android app for this?