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Hello, All! I am Cheryl and the wife of a newly handicap husband. We’ve been together for 40 years but handicap for just 7 years. We are still learning about accessibility and safety while traveling. We both feel very vulnerable in new/foreign places and at night while he is in his wheelchair and I am alone beside him. I am ambulatory but my husband Scott is a 3 time Cancer Survivor that left him learning how to walk again. Condrosarcoma took his pelvis bone and part of his femur. He uses a wheelchair most of the time but can walk about 200 yards using a leg brace and crutches before has has to sit. We have 2 grown daughters, one Son-In-Law and a whole lot of pets. You probably won’t see Scott posting here. He is not much for Social Media. But I am! I found out about this site by attending The Abilities Expo in Houston and listening to Debra Kerper speak on Travel, specifically, cruising. She made is sound easy!

We’ve always loved cruising and have since learned the ropes around ships and attaining the very limited and affordable accessible rooms etc. Still learning about off shore excursions and that if you want to see something, you’re gonna have to pay more than ambulatory people. Or that Scott is simply not allowed to participate. We do the best we can to see what we want. But is there a better way?? Mostly we enjoy a quiet get away from doctors, therapists, Labs, Orthotists, etc appointments. He is retired and I am semi-retired both of us from the airline industry so we’ve already traveled extensively in our jobs. But learning to travel now has presented us with new challenges.

Scott finds it difficult to sit for long periods of time on planes. Imagine sitting with no hip on one side. The strain to stay upright hurts his back. That limits us to local ports for cruises. We live in the Houston area and mainly cruise out of Galveston TX. That somewhat limits our destinations but we are very happy to just enjoying the amenities of the ships. Road trips are hard on him, too but we try to make it to the beaches of Corpus Christi once a year. The more he sits, the longer he need to be be prone to recover.

I am the mule. I do all the planning. I lift his EZLite wheelchair in and out of places and carry all our baggage. I am stronger than I ever have been! LOL I struggle learning to be alone while on vacation during the hours Scott is napping and resting. I have never traveled solo before and I despise eating in restaurants alone. But I am learning to become independent while away from home. I just hate to miss out on things simply because I am alone! As a Caregiver, I have my own sets of challenges.

I love to learn and look forward to learning from all of you here. ~Cheryl

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Hello my name is Kareem I am 43 years of age I have never been married I do not have any children I need to do more traveling that is my dream and my goal. So this app will be amazing for me. I do wonder though what does it mean about being a part of a organization to get 60% discounts? I am an incomplete quadriplegic so I’m just trying to figure out What else do I need to do to receive those discounts?

Hi Sue, welcome to the community! We’d be glad to help you join our travel club.

A warm welcome to all the new members! :wave:

@ehodges972 Hi Evelyn, those sound like very exciting trips coming up! Have you checked out the cruise section of the forum? It’s a great place to get recommendations :slight_smile:

@bookwormlvn Hi Carolyn, welcome to the community! Roadtrips can be so much fun, feel free to post in the United States category about your plans to get recommendations and advice.

@rickjmeyer2000 Hi Kathy, I love you attitude towards travel!

@nick2kobe Hi Nicholas, we are glad to have you and your partner as part of our community!

@susanbmann20 Hi Susan, welcome! Maybe if you post in the Gadgets, Chairs, and Scooters section someone will have a creative solution for your luggage problem?

Hi @migliosheryl thank you for sharing. We are glad to welcome you and your husband to our community!

@emailcheryl.y.k Hi Cheryl, WOW! 40 years of marriage is quite impressive! Be sure to post any questions that might help you and Scott travel better.

@drfeelfood Hi Kareem, welcome! To answer your question, due to rules we have for the exclusive rates which we get through the Priceline partner network, you must supply the name of a disability group you are affiliated with in order to get access to the discounts. We’d be glad to have you join and hope to be of making your dream to travel more a reality!

Hello my name is Kareem I am a single male 43 years of age and I’m tired of living in the shadows so I decide this time to do more traveling now thank you for allowing me to join his community

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Hey there
A tip for dining alone that I used a long time. Bring a paperback or kindle/app. That way you have something to occupy yourself w/o having to get too people-and. Maybe do activities hubs can’t participate in while he’s napping/resting?


Hi all. I travel mainly by cruising. I find it is a lot easier to only unpack and pack once per trip. At present I am still able to use a power scooter when traveling. I will fly to my destination port city and if my scooter gets damaged, the airlines provide me with a loaner till I get back. This will give them time to determine whether they can repair or have to replace it. It is a little inconvenient but I don’t lose sleep over it. I have had my scooter replaced twice with a new one. This way they don’t get old. I will be doing my first flight to Europe this year and hope everything goes well. First time. I will be cruising back.

Hi my name is Jeanne and I am a widow. The Love of my life passed away November 2018. I’m trying to get back to “normal “ and it’s hard. I’m thinking that taking a River cruise would be a good way to get some of my normal back. I’m torn between the Great Lakes cruise going into Canada coming down the east coast and landing in New York. To a Mississippi River cruise.

Hi. I’m Cherie and I have a friend that would like too travel but she has breathing problems and other limitations that make it difficult. I am looking for ways to make it easier so we can travel together.

Hi. I’m Linda Douglass from Alaska. I’m a senior citizen with mobility problems. So far, I’ve been able to get by most of the time with a walker, but I have rented scooters for long outings to gardens, zoos, etc. I love traveling and want to do it as long as I can. I’m so glad to have found this website. Thanks for all the information you provide.

Hi :wave: my name is Alice Lopez and I’m visually impaired, I also have a child with Autism and Tourette Syndrome and other special needs. My Husband is a US Veteran who has PTSD. Whew yes we have a lot going on but we have fun

Hello! My name is Mary. I have some mobility issues and love to travel. II am happy to find this site and am hoping to get some great travel tips!

Hello there,
I am new here from Florida.