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Welcome Trella! We are glad you are here. :slight_smile:

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Excited to have you, Bill! Let us know of any specific questions you may have.

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Hi, my name is lesa and my husband is a double amputee but has amazing prosthesis and currently learning to walk but until that day we are looking for ADA friendly Hotels and wheelchair accessible vacations. All info welcomed, we both are 50 something so no bungee jumping lololol.

Hi Lesa! Welcome to our community, we are happy you are here! On accessibleGO, we have a myriad of accessible hotel options across the country. Ha, no need to bungee jump here! You can have a wonderful vacation without it. :wink: There are some great ideas throughout our site and on our forum. If you want any more specific information, please do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help!

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Hi everyone new member here, love to travel. I try not to let my disabilities slow me down. Even tho sometimes difficult, my biggest problem is not having anyone to travel with! Glad I found this group! Happy Traveling Everyone!

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Hi! I’m Charlayne Elizabeth Denney. I’m definitely not your average grandmother. We have 4 kids and 9 grandkids. Our second oldest graduates community college this next weekend.

I’m married to my soulmate, Bruce. He and I met at a science fiction convention in 1993. Neither of us wanted to get remarried, his divorce had been final 2 weeks and I was on divorce #2 and had sworn off any more romance. Then I met him while he was holding a saying button that had “I still miss my ex, but my aim is improving” on it. After a few polite sentences, he told me that he’ld been told he made a damn fine breakfast. My brain shut off, the mouth went off without adult supervision and said “Well, if you make me breakfast, I’m going to be honor bound to make you breakfast.” Then the brain came back from hiatus and whispered, “what the heck are you doing???” I excused myself, I was going to meet friends at the hotel bar to hang out and took off running. I stopped, dropped a quarter in the now-antique pay phones and called my sister, asking her “What do you know about a guy named Bruce Denney?” She said “Bruce and S…I’ve known them forever, why?” “Well, something tells me it’s not Bruce and S…”.

At this point, she starts yelling over the phone, “OMG, Charlie, go out with him, he’s the one I would have picked for your the first time!” Picture me, holding the phone out at arm’s length and still being able to hear it. Also picture him standing 3 feet behind me, hearing every word of both sides of that conversation. He will tell you he pumped his fist in the air with “Yes!!” We started dating and six months later, we got married. 29 years ago now.

He’s a Windows Systems Expert for a major financial company and I’m the author of the Fangs & Halos vampire series. He works at home now, which is great for me because he’s home to help me.

I have what my doc calls “the worst case of fibromyalgia” he’s ever seen. I also have MS and Hashimotos Thyroid for the trifecta of autoimmune issues. I’m ok to walk around the house, we don’t have steps or stairs, but when we leave to go to anywhere there’s going to be more than 50 ft of walking, I’ve got an electric wheelchair to go in. I’m on a variety of meds. My husband has a titanium heart valve (and not only has to take blood thinners but also ticks like a watch!) and he has Type 2 diabetes. So our outings include a veritable pharmacy of meds, which he keeps straight for me.

Our now empty nest is inhabited by a cat named Squeaks and two Shetland Sheepdogs, the 14 year old sable named Isis and our 2.5 year old bi-black mess named Blackhawk Sullivan, or Sully. They are my alarms, telling me when someone’s at the door. Isis will always go bark at Bruce if I’m trying to get up out of the chair to move, she wants him here with me. Sully was supposed to be my new baby after our other tri-color Sheltie, RhiRhi, passed away but he decided he’s a daddy’s boy and follows him around everywhere.

Other than all that, we travel to conventions where I do panels and sign books. We just went on our first cruise out of Galveston (dock is 30 minutes from our house) for a second honeymoon, and we try to get out and travel a few times a year, hopefully that’s going to start back up since we have passed the Covid plague. I also play World of Warcraft, my main character is a Night Elf Druid named Rubyaura. I’ve been playing since 2008 when my younger son got me into it. He quit playing, I still do.

So, that’s me and us. Glad to find a fellow love of travel family.


That is a great story about meeting your husband!
Sounds like SF soulmates here. My kids love World of Warcraft, play D&D, Magic the Gathering, huge readers, etc.
When we travel, we always look for gaming stores or game nights. We picked up MTG cards in Taipei, played D&D in Ottawa, went to draft in Denver, etc.
Welcome to the platform! Here’s hoping for some great post-Covid travel.


Hi. My name is Teri and the biggest issue I have is that I have a new knee and getting on and off the toilets is impossible. In the brand new hotels in my town, they put in the shortest toilets I have ever seen. Also, a shower is better for me versus a tub. I’m glad I found this site :hugs:


Hi Kat! Welcome, welcome, welcome! You are among like-minded travelers and we are excited to have you and help you find people to travel with! We will at least be with you virtually along the way.

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What a great story, Charlayne! I am from the Houston area, and have traveled to Galveston often. Welcome to our community!

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Hi Teri! We are glad you found us too. I find that they always put the shampoo, conditioner, and such on the highest possible shelves…impossible!

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My name is Eric “Mr. Q” Quander- amputee, actor and accessibility advocate. Currently, I am a Lead Advocate with the Coalition and a Global Mobility Ambassador for PENTA Medical Recycling, an organization whose mission is to provide prosthetics to amputees around the world.

In my Official role as a Global Mobility Ambassador, I am committed to encouraging amputees to “GO HIGHER!” and live their best lives by traveling. Accordingly, I will be visiting Thailand in the Summer of 2022 on a touring and goodwill mission to connect with institutions, organizations and individuals active in the Thai amputee community. My journey to the “Land of Smiles” includes exploring accommodations, activities, attractions and resources for amputee adventurers. The entire experience will be shared with my dedicated audience and followers via a series of articles in AMPLITUDE, my growing podcast and as a guest and interview subject on multiple platforms. I would very much like to share my journey with other amputees.

Please feel free to find me on FB or visit:


Hi Eric! Nice to e-meet you. :slight_smile: That sounds like a great trip. I have been to Thailand once, and it was such a wonderful time, I would return in a heart beat. Please continue to share your travels, we would love to hear about them!

Hi all! I see that this has been around for sometime, don’t know why I just found it!! So glad I have!

  1. I have Parkinsons and with mostly gait issues, but it affects my voice and handwriting also. I have been struggling when we travel on many fronts, most of which you are all very familiar with! I am not wheelchair dependent and can only imagine what they have to deal with!
  2.  WHY are all of the handicapped bathroom stalls all the way at the back of the long row of stalls in most rest stops?? WHY do they have no help on the doors for those stalls? No cord or auto close, not even a strap to pull it closed, as well as more often than not, the closure/locks are broken??
  3. HOW does a handicapped room have a high bed, with not step stool etc. to get into it, or even a normal height toilet? (but we have railings…)
  4. WHY are the handicapped rooms way down the hallway??, most of the time quite a hike to reach?
    We have learned to ask specific questions, but even then we often get to the hotel and find it is not truly handicapped accessible.

I think that hotels should have a handicapped person advisory board consisting of various challenges, including amputees (with all of our diabetic and military people this is a significant population that may have needs that I am not aware of), blind or low light clients (like macular degeneration in our elderly/diabetics/glaucoma), wheelchair bound, and gait issues, including those, like me, that cannot lift their feet up very high (less than 4 inches).,and hearing loss/deaf clients.

some chains seem better than others, but we have mostly found that it varies greatly from each individual site to another, even in those that are generally better.

Does anyone know if businesses have such an advisory group?? I find that even public building that are supposedly handicapped accessible are often not so much.
Does anyone know of a hotel chain that specializes in being accessible?

I am 72 and was formally diagnosed parkinsons 9 years ago, mildly progressive, still able to work somewhat but not in my normal work environment ( I am a family physician and can only do telehealth now)

Please share your frustrations/challenges and report on what you have found to that works or helps. We now have a small step stool, it cost $5 in 5 below and folds flat, to help with the high beds! I keep it under our backseat in the car and it is always there if we need it. I have used the gideons bible that is in the hotels to stand on at times before we got the step stool!.

I am excited to be part of
this group!


i’m Mr. Q, am LBKA moving to Thailand in a month or so. I, my wife and young son will be traveling the country, exploring the accessibility to various tourist sites, attractions and activities. Where in Thailand are you? We are planning to call Hua Hin home.

Hi and welcome to accessibleGO! These are all great questions and concerns. There are so many accessibility issues that disabled people continue to face at hotels. Shortly after you posted this, there is actually another thread HERE on making hotel rooms more accessible. As this thread is a bit more focused on introductions, we would recommend jumping over there so we can all share recommendations.

Personally, I typically flip the trash cans over and use that as a step stool to get into the beds.

We are glad to have you! :airplane: :wheelchair: :wave:

Hi my name is Cyndi and I am a disabled senior, I have been a travel agent since 2005 and I have been disabled for approximately 7 years, and I love to travel and I’m having to learn how to travel differently ,

so I take my scooter and my wheelchair and make my rounds wherever I can go I’m looking forward to making new travel friends.

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Hi Cyndi! Welcome to our community! We are excited to have you and hear about your travels.

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I’m Tina, a blindie who enjoys travel whenever possible. I’m a big fan of Disney animation and film so what better way to get a piece of joy from that than going to one of my favorite places on the west coast than Disneyland! I was in the middle of a great day on a trip with a friend who’s never been that also happens to be a blindie. I wanted to take a moment to catch up with the fashionista that is Minnie who loves her polka dots as much as I do.

Hi Tina! Thanks for sharing. Love the pic. And welcome to our community! We are happy to have you here! :star_struck: