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Hi i appreciate the welcome! Good to meet ya’ll.

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Hi - My name is Betsy, and my husband has mobility issues, and is 100% rollator dependent. I am trying to transition him to a mobility scooter when we travel, but also locally, when we go places like museums when a lot of walking is involved because he tires easily with the rollator. I think once he gets a taste of using a mobility scooter, he might consider owning one and using it all the time. We are traveling to Branson, MO in a few weeks (June 11-18) and staying in a 10 BR home with lots of family from various places, and fortunately it has a couple of ground floor bedrooms that are ADA. So I’ll be looking for accessible things to do in Branson, but also looking for possibly daily mobility scooter rentals. We are also going on a 7-day NCL cruise out of Port Canaveral in November, and I’m looking into renting a mobility scooter to be delivered to the port.

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My name is Henry, I live in Southern California. I am a full time wheelchair user (paraplegic), and I’ve been pretty much a homebody since the start of the pandemic and am ready to do a little traveling with my girlfriend.
I/we have a bucket list of destinations and I’m glad to have come across your site! Just what i need to help relieve some of the anxiety of wondering if i will be able to enjoy being at my destination, or spend much of the time struggling with accessibility issues or not being able to enjoy some places due to non-accessibilty.

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Hi Betsy! Welcome to our community, we are happy to have you! This sounds like a great trip. We recommend creating a separate post on requesting info on Branson and the cruise to source from the community to ensure it does not get buried in the intros. We can repost it for you as well! :slight_smile:

Hi Henry! Welcome!! :wave: We are glad you have found us. We have a wonderful community filled with accessibility-minded travelers all focused on ensuring traveling is filled with fun and as much carefree-ness as possible. :slight_smile:


I contracted polio shortly after I was born, in Vietnam, when they did not have the vaccine. I could not walk or talk when I was adopted. I was raised to walk (hop) with leg braces and crutches and I am glad since I didn’t have to depend on someone pushing me around. I went to school with mostly capable people. I got married and had 3 children. Basically I lived my life as normal as possible, just did things a little bit differently and probably a little bit slower than the non-disabled people. I only recently starting using a wheelchair (almost full time) but before then I got around with my leg braces and crutches. Of course I still use my leg braces and crutches (it’s nice to be able to wheel around fast but still have the means to stand up and hop around, to stretch my body out a bit).

I love to drive since I have hand-controls so I love to take road trips (as well as I do drive for Lyft for extra income to add to my regular job income). In 2020, I drove from Colorado to Tennessee with my oldest child to surprise my dad for his birthday. Also in 2020, I flew alone to Portland, OR, to surprise my Mom for her birthday. It was great bypassing the long lines of security check but I do not really like having to be pat down every time. I was able to rent a car with hand controls so I could drive my mother and me around Portland (my mother no longer has a car, therefore no longer drives and I wasn’t feeling up to having to take a bus or walk everywhere). Back in 2016, I drove from Texas to Colorado to see my brothers sons HS graduation and also visit my adult children (since they moved back to Colorado before I could).

Just recently, my 3 adult children treated me to a week-long trip to NY, NY. I brought my manual wheelchair so I could get around New York better and quicker (and my children took turns pushing me). I would have to say, though, I wish there were more handicap accessible areas to the subways because they would be only at certain stops and sometimes they would close it for a period of time and we would have to go to another stop or take a different subway then another one to connect to the actual subway we needed (it was cumbersome at times for my children). And for the flying bit or going to a Broadway show or going to some of the tourist sites, the attendants would only allow one person to be with me (to “cut” lines) and the rest of the party would have to go back in the line so I would still have to wait for the rest of my family to catch up. Other than those hiccups, trip was grand!

I have yet to come up with another travel vacation plan for the rest of my paid time off, this year.


Hi, my name is Russ Wiener and my wife and I like to travel. Unfortunately my wife is confined to a wheelchair due to MS so traveling has lots of issues. Even so we enjoy visiting National Parks, Museums, and lots of other places of interest. I am interested in communicating with other couples who have similar interests and issues with traveling and sharing experiences and incites.

I have had reasonable but not perfect experiences with Marriott. Marriott has an ADA office that you can call and speak with regarding your reservations. I would ask for photos of the room that you are booking and specifically ask for the accommodations that you require. I find this has been helpful, but it is a good idea also to speak directly with the manager of the specific hotel you plan on staying at.

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Hi Saskia! Welcome to our community. We are happy to have you here. These all sound like wonderful trips and we hope you can use our site to find inspiration for your next one.

Hi Russ! Welcome welcome! Thank you for joining our community and find people with similar interests.

Hi! My name is Linda and I struggle with mobility issues from a series of 6 hip replacement surgeries. I cannot walk even half a block without the assitance of crutches. Retirement plans included traveling to see the National Parks and historic sights of the USA. Riding in cars, airplanes, in fact any sitting for extended periods of time, creates intense discomfort. So I both love and dread traveling. Leaving my adjustable bed at home is another travel battle. However, I do my best to push through it all. I bought a “portable” power scooter about 3-4 years ago and have used it for airline travel, visiting Yellowstone, Sedona, AZ, and other places. (The scooter can be loaded in 4 pieces into the back of a car or trunk.) It can be a pain to travel with the scooter, but without it I would be stuck in the car or at a hotel while my family goes exploring. We are about to take a trip to the Midwest with stops in Rocky Mountain National Park, the Badlands and Black Hills of South Dakota, and Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. I am curious if anyone has experiene with ADA acessible trails in any of these areas.

Hi Linda! Welcome to the forum, we are glad you are here! Traveling with a disability can be a complicated process, but is worth it.

We recommend re-posting the last piece as a new topic, as questions tend to get a little lost in the introduce yourself section. We can do so for you, or feel free to post yourself. :slight_smile:

Hi. My name is Tamara Monroe and I have had multiple sclerosis for 27 years. I have always been a travel junkie working for Delta airlines and Carlson wagonlit travel. It was during the travel phase of my life that I was diagnosed and it was devastating to not be able to just jump in and go anywhere at anytime. I lost my mobility completely after a treatment left me unable to control my right side or balance . I can’t drive or walk without assistance. I’m trying to figure out how to navigate flying with a wheelchair that is not FAA compliant and I don’t have a travel wheelchair because I can’t afford one. I have one but I can not navigate it without running into things and it’s very uncomfortable my jazzy is not compliant. Help please.

Hi Tamara! Welcome to our community. Your experience is shared by many here, and we’re happy to have you! I definitely need to do a bit more research on what’s available, but have you tried exploring if you could rent a FAA compliant chair? I’m unsure where you’re located, but I know many people will use the chair/services that the airport provides, and then have a wheelchair/scooter delivered to their hotel or airbnb to use from there. This could be a cheaper option that renting a chair in your city and returning it in your city. We can help you research more specific options if you would like! Do you think something like this could work for you?

Wishing you the best!

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Hi, my name is Ruth but my husband Keith is the one that’s disabled from a stroke, his left side is paralyzed so traveling is quite the challenge. We have our own handicapped vehicle but occasionally fly so renting one is a hassle sometimes. It’s nice to know there is assistance for us folks.

Hi Ruth! Welcome to our community, it’s great to have you here. Thank you for sharing your personal story, and also about your experience with renting accessible vehicles. We are thinking of adding bookings for accessible vans on, and we found that there are few national rental companies but a lot of regional operators. When you rent, how do you usually do it and have they been reliable?


We have only rented a sedan, but it has to have ample leg room in the front passenger seat and a handle for my husband to pull himself into the reclined seat. We have actually gone to dealers and tried out cars to see if it will work for us.

Thank you for your reply.

Ruth Watson