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I’m Mary, age 69, from Nebraska but a Texan since 2010.
My husband & I have loved traveling the world since 2006!
I have multiple unseen disabilities: severe osteoporosis with high risk of fracture, osteoarthritis, macular degeneration in both eyes which causes depth perception issues, & asthma.
I was wheelchair bound with bone-on-bone hip when Covid hit, which delayed surgery. A year later I had a T12 compression fracture & surgery. I hope to never go through that again! And I’ve had three surgeries on my hands since then to try to get them to work better.
We were grounded from December 2018 to February 2022 due to medical & covid reasons, but we have been traveling since Feb.
We have taken 3 trips in-state, & 2 trips out-of-state. We have plans for 3 weeks in Alaska in Aug-Sep! One will be a cruise on Holland America, our first cruise.
My travel issues are walking any distance, never knowing how far I will be able to walk before something gives out; lack of depth perception, risk of falling & fracture, need for rest, inability to sit for long periods of time, & inability to tolerate temps of below freezing.
So I joined this group! Because travel planning & traveling are what keeps hope alive!

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Hi Mary! Welcome, welcome! We are so excited to have you. These all sound like wonderful trips.

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Hi, I’m Colleen, 71 year old retired hospice nurse with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, multiple back issues(nurses back) and arthritis. I didn’t realize they had organizations like this, that could help you travel. This is pretty awesome!


Hi Colleen! Welcome to our community forum. We love traveling on this side of the internet, and want to share allll the tips and tricks for disabled people to do so. :slight_smile:

I’m Dana and I’m “new” to limited mobility. I have been in excruciating pain for years…was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 2.5 years ago.
I have horribly painful bone lesions (both types) in the SI Joints/ lower spine. I have slowly lost my ability to walk… I am going to see an Orthopedic Oncology Surgeon next Monday (July 18, 2022)(So far, I have received very little medical attention/ help with pain management) …I have not been told they suspect cancer, but have researched my medical records, and know someone strongly suspects it…

I also have a power w/c. (Travel Buggy, VISTA)
My VISTA is my 2nd chair.

I have had my power w/c for a year now. It was a very difficult decision to make for me… but I decided I would rather experience life in my chair than to miss out and just look at my walls.

I have traveled by air, a few times… it is a scary thing to do!!

There are a few things that I have learned from my experiences. Take paper and a pen!


    A.) Are they being/have they been sued for mistreatment of the disabled Note the details
    & $$ lawsuits cost the company…

    B) Be able to quote that information. ( might not be a bad idea to print off information)

C) CALL and TALK to the airline. Note: names, employee numbers, and promised accommodations. Note time and day. - “This call is monitored for training purposes”… USE IT FOR YOUR PROTECTION!!

D) TAKE PHOTOS OF YOUR CHAIR FROM ALL ANGLES with obvious, recognizable airline things in the background, BEFORE handing it over.

E) make sure you print off instructions on how the aircraft personnel should handle/ store your power w/c laminating it is a wise decision.

If possible, get a cover for your chair. (No cover= expect scratches)
** I have requested the baggage handler to speak with me (slip 'em a canybar or a little $) Tell 'em how much you NEED your ride & appreciate them for helping you.

  1. INSPECT YOUR CHAIR after each flight. MAKE SURE TO GIVE YOURSELF ENOUGH TIME TO REPORT ANY PROBLEMS!! ( Report to the person at the the door.) They can call a manager, who can document the situation. Be sure to say “I haven’t ridden in my chair enough to notice if there is a difference in how it rides.”
    ****REMEMBER TO BE NICE! People tend to do more to help you IF YOU ARE A NICE PERSON!!

A) Get names and employee numbers for each person you speak to/deal with. ( gifting workers with candy bars is a definite plus) This also insurers they will remember you

B.) Get a print out of what was said. Have management/employee sign it. MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS!!

***IF your power w/c is damaged, the airline can provide you with a replacement while they are working on repairs or replacement of your power w/c

(figure enough for a couple of nights lodging & replacement tickets)
Airlines can/will cancel your flight and leave you stranded. (WITHOUT COMPENSATION- FRONTIER did this to me.)

It is a lot of work for the disabled, I am learning.

Biggest thing is to know your rights and their policies better than they do. Don’t be afraid to nicely stand your ground.

It is my desire for my limited experience to help others navigate the airlines…and to maybe even change airline policies to better provide for those of us whom depend on our chairs.

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Hi Dana! Emily here from accessibleGO. Welcome to our forum - we are so glad you’re here. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the details on flying. This is the experience of many, and despite bad experiences, it’s great to have advice from other people on what to do when things go awry. Agreed on the importance of knowing your rights and being kind. Can take you very far.

All the best!

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Hi!! My name is Lisa Hicks, and i love traveling!!However, im amputated
snd mosrly wheelchair bond

Hi Lisa! Welcome, welcome! We love traveling here too. :slight_smile: Traveling with a wheelchair is definitely doable! We have this wonderful community that will help you along the way.

Hello my name is Linda Martin,
I’m the guardian of my son Ross. He has autism. Ross loves to travel, but has been limited in traveling due to the expense and his budget. I have been researching to find a more affordable way for him to be able to do some of the traveling he desires to do. I came across I am hoping that this would help me to be able to help him. Sincerely.
Linda Martin


welcome, I am a Proud mom of a daughter on the spectrum as well, please read on my page i have an article on flying (codes) to use . We love to travel as well and here in Texas we have Morgan’s Wonder Land its also Morgan’s inspiration Island both water park and amusement together for people with disabilities and best part people with disabilities are FREEEE look at there web site they also hire a lot of people with different disabilities just wanted to share welcome and enjoy hita


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Thanks. I never thought of doing this. Even if I specifically request an accessible room, it’s hit or miss that I’ll actually get one.

When you book with accessibleGO, we actually do this for you. Part of our booking experience includes confirming with the hotel any accessibility feature requests that you have, and we also can request pictures for you as well. Email us anytime for help

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Hi Miriam. I will definitely do that the next time I travel. Thank you.

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Hi Linda, I’m Pinky :fairy:; one of the Forum Moderators here at AccessibleGo. I wanted to welcome you to our Forum Community and Thank you for joining us. :crystal_ball:

I saw your post about helping to find some possible travel opportunities for Ross :partying_face:. I totally understand the dilemma with traveling on tight budgets too; nowadays it’s getting even trickier to be able to save anything for vacations when we need them the most.

However, I hope we can at least get you started on your search by trying to find some possibilities for you/Ross, if you could help provide some more information about what type of places might interest Ross? (And a few other little technical details to help focus our searching for you).

First, please understand that I have full understanding for finding the right elements for a vacation for someone with Autism as I am on the spectrum a bit myself. So what’s most important to start with is to know if there are type of environments that don’t work? (Crowds, loud noise, flashing lights, etc…). We all have our little ticks about where we feel most relaxed and when you go on vacation, you deserve to find that perfect environment where you feel that comfort.

Second, being that we want to work on also finding a vacation that works best with Ross’s budget; I also need to find a little bit about where your journey would be start from and if you have any preferred method of travel? (Drive, Fly, Bus, Train, Magic carpet, etc…).

Third, are there any preferred types of locations Ross is interested in traveling too? For instance, does he prefer warmer places with pools and beaches (with or without crowds); or maybe somewhere in the forest somewhere for some nature time? Even if its theme parks or movie studios, museums, science centers, skydiving, scuba diving, don’t hold back; going on trips is special and should be where you want to go most (and can afford to get to).

Last (and sorry for all the questions), the uncomfortable part; the budget. Just a general range you want to stay in for covering hotels, activity fees/costs, maybe food? The last thing we would want to do is waste your time suggesting places that wouldn’t work with the finances. It already takes so much extra work planning a vacation when you have special needs, let us save you from the extra headaches. The only thing that’s hard to offer help for you is airfare assistance with the budget. (It changes too often to be able to predict that in travel plans; but happy to help with airline information for special request travelers.) And if you would prefer us to help plan more of a fantasy trip to save up for, that’s fine too. It’s all about finding you the perfect vacation. That simple.

My apologies for all the questions, but I promise it’s worth it when I can help point you to the perfect trip for Ross and not waste your time with stuff that wouldn’t work for his needs and wants. I’m here to listen and help. It’s my pleasure.

Looking forward to helping you find some great options and then seeing if we can save Ross some money by using the booking agents on AccessibleGo. Thank you again for giving us a chance in the Forum and welcome to an AMAZING community/family, who really do help look after each other.

Talk to you soon.
Pinky :fairy:

Hello my name is Barbara Rogers and I am very happy to meet you!

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Hi, my name is Jodi. I have profound hearing loss. Has anyone had any luck finding hotels/BnB that has door knock and smoke detectors that alert people like me?

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Hi Jodi,
Thanks so much for introducing yourself! When you book with accessibleGO, we will call your hotel to confirm they have the door knock and visual smoke detectors/fire alarm. We can also call hotels for you in advance before you book to be sure they have the features you need. We are in the process of updating our accessibility data system to better display this information for the 6,000 hotels that we have covered for accessibility. We’re here to help, any time!

Hi everyone,
My name is Bill Hartner. My wife amd I were taking a vacation at least once a year before I was hit wirh GBS in late 2018. I am now primarily in a wheelchair but starting to use a walker and working on sit to stands. We were planning to, like many others, to spend our retirement taking tours and cruises. My wife came upon this site, so I joined and would like help in travelling with disabilities.


Hi Bill! Emily here from accessibleGO. Welcome, welcome! We are glad to have you.

We love to travel here at accessibleGO - my favorite place I’ve been is Thailand! And we love to help people figure out all the things for disabled people to do so with ease. Let us know how we can help!

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I am having some difficulty figuring out how this works but I want to write to a staff member. I put a post up recently to Suggesting that you should start including in your information about places whether or not they have toilets with the bars on the right side and on the left side or with bars on both sides of the toilet if there’s only one available. I think it’s also needs to be part of the ADA standards so that people with disabilities that make them unable to use one of their hands have access to a toilet if in a restaurant or have rooms with both bars on the right side and on the left side in their facility. This is an issue for many disabled people. and I have learned from experience that A lot of places are not set up this way. If you are going to be useful to people with this kind of Disability do you need to include this information in your information about each hotel facility or a restaurant.