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Hi - Terry and Becky Johnson from east central Kansas (very rural). 4 months after a knee replacement, Terry had to have his right leg above the knee amputated due to an infection that probably started at the hospital where the replacement happened. Amputation was done Feb 13, 2022. I am the traveler and Terry is the homebody but I hope we can do some traveling especially to the FL area and beaches. We are both SUCBA divers. I think with time Terry will dive again too.

Looking forward to some some great information.


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Welcome @saltair92, @erik.dossier, & @bjohnson66072! Thank you for taking the time to share a little bit about yourselves! We are here to help with any questions you may have!

Hi, I’m in Dallas I have MS (or it has me). just found this group and thought I’d check it out.

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Hello All,
My name is Alan and recently been diagnosed with APBD… Its extremely rare , like 250 reported cases on the planet. Very similar symptons as MS but there are no Meds or surgeries. Iam 59 and do not want to stop traveling or living life, but the mobility issues are have definitely changed life as i knew it for 57 years.
Just looking for travel destinations [mobility friendly] and I guess all the other possible helpful offerings your site has . Appreciate acceptance to your site and please feel free to email anything regarding my illness,issues,dealings, etc…

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Welcome @apbdpatient.aeb! Thank you for joining us and for sharing more about your personal experience. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Hi, my name is Linda Stimpson and I like to travel by car. I use a power wheelchair. I drove across country a few years ago and wile to go again. I would be very interested in places to to stop and see along the way. I did visit several of the parks. Interested in any help you may offer.

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My name is Connie. I am wheelchair bound and learning as I go! My husband died in 2019 after 51 years of marriage. An OLD boyfriend called me two months later and we have been a couple since. He lost his wife a year earlier. He made an appt. at The Mayo Clinic for me as I was dragging my left foot (2 surgeries) and it was getting worse. I have a Neuromuscular Disease that has affected my left leg, and could go into my right leg but not up my body. Silver lining!!!

Hi - if you are going to travel by air communication is vital with the airlines, airports and TSA. Let them know you’re coming and what your mobility issues are at booking, once in the time before booking and departure, and then the day before traveling. If you go through this forum you will pick up a lot of useful information.

Hi Linda - Welcome to our community! We’d be happy to help with your future travel plans. Feel free to email us at to discuss further.

This forum is a great place to connect with other travelers and get answers to any questions you may have. We also have Travel Ideas articles and City Guides.

Please note that when you book a hotel room with us, with at least 48 hours’ notice, we confirm with the hotel any accessibility requirements you may have, and we are also happy to request pictures of the accessibility features that you need prior to booking.

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Hi I’m Doris Dibble. Live in Florida. I suffer from chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis and can no longer walk long distances, therefore requiring a wheel chair or walker. I was wondering is anyone on GO has used the Limitless travel service accommodations.

Hi, I’m Fran and am finally moving from “denial” to “acceptance” of progressive, age (and weight) related mobility disability. I’m 79 and still have a full barrel list (a bucket is much too small). I’m hoping this group will help me find the best info and resources to stay on the go!

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@dibb215 - Can you tell us more about the Limitless Travel Service accommodations?

@franczaj - We are excited to hear all about your “barrel” adventures! You are not alone!

Good Morning. I have not yet used “Limitless Travel” but have checked their website and reviews. Sound great. You can check their website:

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Hello My Name is Antonio Beal

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My name is Vicki. I live in northern Idsho. I have had 2 major strokes. I can walk short distanceswith a leg brace and hemi-walker, but mostly rely on my elevtric wheelchsir. I love getting out in nsture, cruising and just enjoying ehatever time I have left on this beautiful world. I am 74 years old, twice widowed. Have one son in Canada and 2 step children.Also have 4 grandchildren that I don’t see often enough… I enjoy reading and animals. Love to travel, but limited funds, of course. And no one to drive for me. :thinking:. But life is good!

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I would like info on renting electric wheelchairs in different towns

Welcome Vicki (@idaho48)! We are happy to have you with us. Feel free to ask any questions in the forum. We also have some great articles related to cruising here. In addition, we have some blog posts that you may find interesting: The Autonomous Cruiser (book), Accessible 2nd Honeymoon, Accessible Cruise from Houston, TX Part 1, Part 2.

While we currently don’t offer electric wheelchair rentals on our site, you can find information for different rental companies for our Top 30 US Cities here. For each location, you can select “Equipment Rental” to see the different providers. Please note, these are directory listings. We do not have any affiliation with these companies.