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Introduce Yourself!

Id love to hear more about this munzee game, when you have a chance.

Sure! It’s so much fun for us. We’ve been playing since the game was 11 days old. We’ve been harassing Rob, the owner of FreezeTag Games, the parent company of Munzee ever since. He’s really nice and a down to earth person. If you do Facebook you can follow the happenings of the game on “The Munzee Watercooler”. There everyone talks about what they like and what they don’t like and post pictures and it’s all munzee all the time. If you go to the Munzee website, https://www.playmunzee.com/ it will take you right to the Munzee homepage. There’s a video there with Rob and he will explain the game. There are all different types of Munzees. This page “click here” will show you the different types of Munzees. There are a lot and a lot come out at different times. Right now there are special Munzees that they releases called Flat Munzees in the names of the Reindeer and also a Flat Santa.

The virtual Munzees you don’t even have to get out of the car to capture, you just need to get within a certain distance. There are Point of Interest Munzees, the list goes on and on. We just have a blast.


Here’s the picture of the Flat Santa and reindeer released for this Christmas. They go away December 26th.

Munzee is a free game and it has a free app. You can become a premium member for $30 and it allows you to do more with the app and it gives you a few free things. You can do just as much as a free member and don’t have to spend any money but if you like the game, you’ll spend the money, you’ll see. We’ve become addicts. If there’s anything else I/we can help you with, just ask!



Thank you for the info and links. Ill check back in after ive given it a whirl. Blessings

Thanks for starting this resource! I was recently diagnosed with a rare, connective tissue disease called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. It’s one of the invisible diseases where you may not look affected, but still have mobility issues in addition to medical problems. Traveling can be challenging for me, but I really want to do a lot more of it, so I’m interested in how others cope with mobility on trips.


Hi Hilton,

I’ve done geocaching in the past with my kids. How is Munzee different? Are the QR codes more accessible or do you still have to hike and search? Are the codes all over the world?
I’m going to take a good look at this since we love family activities.



Hi my name is Diane and I am a power chair user since the age of 16 when a tumor was removed from my spine. Traveling has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember, but traveling with a disability can bring lots of challenges. This summer I spent 22 nights on the road sightseeing my way from PA to CA and back with my 82 year old Mom and two teenage daughters. I put in countless hours of research into this trip and spent most nights at Marriott brand hotels. I’ve found that the Marriott brand has the best accessibility for me. On my last night of my trip I stayed at a Hampton in Tomah WI where I had a horrible experience. We set our alarm at 5 am to get an early start on our 12 hour drive that day. I left my room on the 4th floor to go get coffee, only to find that the only elevator had broke down over night. The front desk wasn’t aware that there was someone in a wheelchair on one of their upper floors. I waited until 11 am for the elevator to be fixed putting us way behind on our drive that day! The hotel comped my night but that is it! I will never stay at a Hampton again andI’m thankful that this happened on our last night traveling.


I visited Yellowstone this past summer using a power chair. Spent one night in West Yellowsone at Days Inn. Room was very large and bathroom was accessible. Spent night 2 at Canyon Village in Yellowstone. That room was very small although the bathroom was accessible. There are lots of accessible boardwalks throughout the park to see the attractions, but most of our time was spent in our van driving around the park! Enjoy!


Wow, @kdragnfli78 . 30+ cruises! That’s amazing. What’s been you’re favorite cruise line?

Great to have you here Crystal.

Hello! Happy to be part of this wonderful group. I’m an avid traveler always looking for an adventure. I’ve been traveling since a child, and am now a senior!
I have neuro-muscular disease, and use a wheelchair and/or assistive devices for mobility.
I’m hoping my vast travel experience can be helpful for all ability levels to enjoy many travel experiences.


Hello. My name is Deb but am also known to friends as Gypsy Spice (AKA The Ubiquitous G-Y-P!) because I live for the road. I’m originally from Annapolis, MD but have called Columbus, OH home for 45 years.

I survived a hemorrhagic stroke on August 26, 1995 and a serious automobile accident on November 29. 2017. The other driver was at fault but I sustained the more severe injuries. Since my stroke, I’ve racked up close to a half-million road miles on the cars I’ve driven. Have also traveled by trains, planes, buses and cruise ships, but the drivers seat of my adapted cars is where I am most comfortable.

My current ride is a 2018 Honda Fit that I named RHonda World. We are preparing for a snowbird trip to Key West, FL and other points south in January 2019. After that, we’ll focus in getting to the last nine states I have yet to visit, mostly in the Pacific Northwest but also AZ, NE, ND, AK and HI

After I received my bodily injury settlement for the accident, I began to compile bucket lists of my top five domestic and top five international destinations. My intention is to visit as many of these as I can in the next five years–while I still have the wealth and the health.

Looking forward to sharing travel tales, tips and insights with fellow vagabonds.



Hey @moandvic, what brand of motorized wheelchair do you have that comes apart like that into four pieces? Very convenient. thanks

Hey Lindsay. Nice to have you here.

Did you see the new law that airlines have to report the number of wheelchairs they break or lose each month?

Not that this eliminates the risk yet, but it’s an important step.

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Wow @alchemygrrl, love the family photos and travel history. It’s not a potion per se, but my favorite Chinese Medicine herb is “Gan Zao” which you might know as Radix Glycyrrhizae to western herbalists. Delicious and nutritious.

Also, have you had any experience with wheelchair accessible RVs?

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Hey @terre.kugler. Welcome! I’d say that the best way to learn from all the wonderful people here is to…

  1. Find a Category that interests you (e.g. Hotels, Cruises, Transportation, etc.)
  2. Create a new Topic that asks a question, challenge, problem, or hurdle to traveling that you’re wondering about.

Happy posting. :smile:

Wow, Deb, I love that you named your Honda! Why not? Sorta like naming your ship before setting sail isn’t it?

Please send us a picture when your odometer hits the 500,000 mile mark. :checkered_flag:

Re: Pacific Northwest…they have beautiful ferries you can drive right onto with Honda World from Puget Sound in Seattle. Here’s their Commitment to Accessibility for the Washington State Ferries

Ferry Wenatchee enroute to Bainbridge Island WA

That is great! It is about time.

Thanks, Lindsay!

Nice to make your acquaintance. You sound a bit like me, my freinds refer to me as a gypsy also. But what is the G-Y-P thing. Sorry but i am both blonde and obtuse, lol.

Wheelchair comes apart into 4 pieces and can fit in the trunk . So can take almost anywhere!

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