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Hi everyone! My name is Kim and I have MS and Spinal Stenosis. I’ve used a cane for many years for balance issues, and walking is becoming a problem because of the SS. I love to travel with my husband (and our friends) and I’m considering a foldable power chair to make it easier to get around in our travels. Any ideas on a good one that’s easy to fold/unfold and small enough to fit in a car trunk with 3-4 suitcases? (The car trunk isn’t really big)
Thanks for any help you can give me!!!

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Hi @kimmastro54 - Welcome! Thank you for sharing more about yourself and experiences. You can see a recent thread about fold-up chairs here.

Hi We are David and Mary and live in NhE Georgia. David suffered a stroke in late 2020. He has progressed amazingly but still has issues with vision (I do all the driving now) and stability. He is now using a cane in the house and for very short walks. Otherwise he uses his Rollator. We used to have a motor home and did lots of traveling and volunteer mission work and really miss it. Tried to take a cruise early 2022 and it just didn’t turn out well. Made the mistake of renting a manual wheel chair and should have gone with power. Have made a couple of car trips; lots of work to carry all the stuff in and out of hotels (some not accessible). Interested in searching out tours designed with accessibility needs in mind.

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Welcome Mary and David (@marylowreyga)! Feel free to use this forum to ask questions to find tours.

My name is steve hughes and i am 100% disabled from the VA. I have a power scooter, walker, and cane that i use depending on the distance and time traveled. I have good and bad stories of my travels and hope to alleviate some of the difficulties I’ve had with traveling. Thanks for adding me to the group.


My name is Ricky Raducha and my specialty is auto racing. I’ve been to 125 different race tracks and average 110 races each year.

Most of my knowledge is of tracks and facilities East of Indianapolis, Indiana. From Quebec, Canada to Homestead, Florida; North to South.

Most local short-tracks are not as accessible as they should be. But there are great ones that will be worth the trip.

Let me know what you are interested in. Where you would like to see a race or big event.

I’m excited to be here at AccessibleGo!

Ricky Raducha
@RapidRick Twitter
@DriverConnexion Twitter

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Hi Thank you for your services My husband is also a Vet and has disabilities from them as well but not a 100%. Welcome aboard and best wishes to you again I Salute you.

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I’m Ricky Raducha and I’m a wheelchair user who attends auto racing events from Florida to Indiana and Southern Canada. I am an advocate for greater wheelchair accessibility and easier maneuvering at all short-track raceways.

I’ve been to 125 different tracks and usually attend over 100 events each year.

Here at this community I’ll be available to answer questions about which tracks are best in your area.

Which provides the best visible entertainment and could be the most optimum for families which want to experience the excitement of auto racing.

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Tara and Will here. Will has CP since birth and a spinal cord injury before he was a teenager. He’s used a wheelchair and crutches since then. We got married in our mid-30s when he was in a manual chair, now he’s in an electric one. He travels with lots of electronic equipment, so trips can be crazy. We’re also foster parents, so FAMILY disabled accommodations are always hard to find.

In 2019 we went to London together and loved it. Also been to NYC, Orlando, Miami, Dallas, Atlanta, and Charlotte. I found this site while looking for information about Vegas, where we’re heading next.

I’ve used our experiences to leave disability focused reviews on Google everywhere we’ve gone so that others like us could use them. A site like this is amazing!

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