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Hi @emilie.robinson. You might want to create a new “Topic” within the United States and/or the Canada categories and ask specific questions for your upcoming trip there. The “replies” on this topic don’t get emailed out to the community. Best wishes!

Welcome to all the travel heroes who joined in the past few weeks. Here’s a roundup shout out to each of you!

  • @adanel Welcome to accessibleGO’s travel forum, Anita. Where’s the next Stampin’ Up convention going to be? There’s got to be a way you can attend. Have you tried contacting the Stampin’ Up company? They seem to be inclusive and maybe they would help you figure out how to make it happen.

  • @snuggie22 Hey Anita from IL! Glad to have you here. Here’s a video that shows some ways to open and close the oven while in a wheelchair. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Fs0G2FspTQ

  • @jldaugett Hey Dina! Welcome!

  • @witsendster Hi Jan. You can download accessibility guides for National Parks from here: https://www.nps.gov/aboutus/accessibility.htm (Hat Tip: @dmayers55 for the link!)

  • @tazettelee Welcome Tana. Nice to hear you’ve traveled in so many different ways. Others have asked about trains in the forum before. Glad to have you here.

  • @amie2868 Amie, you’re a true friend. Maybe some local travel would do for your best friend?

  • @hondas198597 Hey Tom! We’re happy to help you find a hotel in Seaside Oregon - reach out to our staff via contact@accessibleGO.com. The hotel deals through our traveler’s club (“clubGO”) range from approximately 10% to 60% off. Sometimes the deals are only a few dollars off of what you see on public travel sites (e.g. 10% off of $40 is just $4 whereas 30% off of 150 is $45), but it’s almost always a lower rate than the public gets on mainstream sites. Our data analysis of clubGO deals showed that clubGO rates beat public rates 96% of the time for U.S. hotels, motels and resorts. Hope that helps.

  • @eveclark23 Hi Eve - I love what you said in your post!! You get a :trophy: for that one! :smiley: Amazing photos and love the attitude! Welcome aboard.

I use a cane, walker, wheelchair or scooter. Whatever type of aide I need to use to keep the party going.

  • @ginohope Hello Hope. Love your name and your son is blessed to have a caring and loving mother like you. I’m sure your son will gain a lot once you guys transition onto trips again.

  • @lilbiskets Hey Ann. I suggest you make a dedicated post asking for travel ideas. Describe your situation so people know what limitations to be aware of and where you’d like to travel to with Ron. You can post a new Topic in the United States category.

Hello my name is mary my husband is ron.ron has a lot of different things going on. He has a lot of back trouble, his legs go num of he stands to long and he gets neck pain a lot. We try and go and do as much as we can.was trying to check this out. Hope all is well with everyone on here.


Hi everyone, im so glad I found this site. I absolutely love traveling but lately have been running into a few properties that have been less than helpful in accommodating my needs

In 2009 I was hit from behind at 55mph by a full size work van, crushing my car into the one in front of me. That was my last drive home from work ever, I became disabled and have had to learn a new life. I suffer from chronic pain in my hip and have spinal stenosis. In the last year I’ve been diagnosed with neuropathy and it has brought my life to a halt.

My husband and I are huge roller coaster fans and amusement parks in general. During the summer months we travel to Kings Island in Ohio at least weekly if not more. I have to say that the park is so accommodating for people with disabilities and I’m so grateful they are. We really want to venture out to some other parks but are quite unsure of how they handle it, maybe I will be able to learn more from you great folks.

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Cedar Point accomodates ppl with physical challenges. Once in the park you go to a service or information Center. They will ask you a few questions nothing real personal. They may ask if you are prone to seizures and tell you what one’s not to go to if you are prone to them. They will give you a ticket/card for you and your companion. This will allow you to the front of the line or it will have a w/c logo as where to go. Staff will assist if needed to get you into ride and get secured. And off you go. Walt Dinsey World in Florida assists all individuals with any type of need. If you choose to stay at the campground and not at one of the hotels on Campus (we did both) they have a little bus stop at different points which are set up as a short walking distance that has a wc access ramp to get you to the park free of charge. I’ve even taken my individuals white water rafting in WV with the River Runners. We just informed them how many ppl were coming. Some of the individuals weren’t able to walk down so they put some staff and individuals in the back of a padded pick up truck and drove down to where the rafts were. The staff that weren’t afraid of heights jumped from the upper cliff and came in raft afterwards. We put the safety equipment on placed the individuals between the seating and staff and guide worked the paddles down river. At the 2 hour mark we took them out and placed them in the water to float around. Then we finished our other 2 hours and they had a truck waiting for us to take us back to our wc. They experienced so much fun on that weekend trip.

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Thank you for the acceptance, I am Vanessa I suffer for OA in my shoulders lower back and my hip. I been dealing with this since 1993 when I was 23, I have two daughters 20 and 13. When they was growing up I wasn’t able to give my girls a normal life as vacations, sports events or other things children their age deserve. Yes I did have the opportunity to see my older daughter graduate from high school and my 13 yr old have been bringing home the honor roll since third grade every semester I am so proud of them despite they watched me struggle to provide for them. Thank you again


Hi, I’m Eileen Briesch, 63 going on 64, retired because of layoff but trying to make a go of retirement. I have bad knees and back that have limited my mobility in recent years, even though I have had both knees replaced and revised, they still don’t work well. I have been forced to use a walker because of a tendency to fall. The failed knee surgeries have left me with chronic pain syndrome to go along with fibromyalgia that I already had.

So enough of my disabilities. I love traveling but at my own pace. I used to travel with my brother but he doesn’t understand that I can’t do what I used to anymore. There are days I just want to sit and relax instead of sightsee. I would love to find travel companions who understand this, who could walk at my pace (or ride, if that was the case). I love visiting new places, learning history and new cultures, meeting new people. I used to be a reporter and editor, so I’m a good listener. I love cats (I have one, but I could easily be a crazy cat lady). I also love baseball, a big Chicago White Sox fan.

I’m glad I stumbled on this forum. I hope to find some friends here.

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All cedar fair parks do what’s called a boarding pass program. I use it weekly at Kings Island, it’s the only way I can use the park. The pass does not get you front of the line though, how it works is you get a sheet at guest services, they ask you questions (keep the sheet for additional visits and you won’t have to go thru the questions again), you go to the exit of the ride and they will assign you a time on the sheet to return for your ride. When you come back thru the exit you get right on. The beauty of this program besides not having to wait in line is that you always get what row you want, except for steel vengeance at cedar point. Sometimes the operators don’t make you wait as long as the regular time but if they are busy be prepared to wait just as long. I have been told that this pass will also work for the food lines as well, but Ive yet to try it, will update when we go for passholders preview night in April.

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Welcome to new members of our awesome travel forum for travelers with disabilities!!

  • @magnanchaney Hi Mary! Be sure to post any questions that might help you and Ron travel better.

  • Hey @harmony29! You’re love of amusement parks inspired me to create a new Category in the forum for Amusement Parks. If you’d like to share a little more detail about Kings Island in Ohio over at the Amusement Parks category, we would all benefit from hearing your experiences! Thanks :+1:

    We have an article about Morgan’s Wonderland, but this accessible amusement park is designed more for children.

  • Welcome @iquasiastokes! Happy to see another Super Mom :woman_superhero: over here on accessibleGO! A top educator we know who has worked with thousands of families said that kids who are raised with a parent who has a disability tend to come out with very good character.

  • Hi @ebriesch Nice to meet you Eileen! You’re in good company here - a few other folks have said they’d like to find travel companions. So…we just created a category in the forum for that (thanks for telling us what you want!). Check out the Find Travel Companions category. :ok_hand:

Can you send me the name and location of where you went to go rafting? I have a friend that’s a double amputee and I am mobility challenged as far as distances goes. I know we both would have a blast on that kind of trip. We liked to ride Roller Coasters together before we became mobility challenged and he lost his legs.
Also, The Six Flags Corp. In general is very accommodating to the mobility challenged. I’ve been to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, TX and I’ve been on both sides of the equation, both working and later as a park guest with issues at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, TX.
Both of these Parks have a Guest Services Booth at the Park Entrance, you go there and they give you a little wrist band. It’s good for you and up to 5 other guests to accompany disabled rider. You go to the exit of most rides and show your bracelet. If they’re busy or you have a large group, like more than 1 disabled Rider and all of the guests that are allowed… They will give you a time to come back. Some of the roller coasters have elevators. The exit is at the elevator so you get on and off in that location and obviously you have easy w/c access.
I’m not sure about the Six Flags Parks located in other states. But, they should be very similar because it’s Company Wide Regulations. I enjoyed working for them as a disabled Teenager back in High School (Many Moons Ago) back in 1988 thru 1992 because they were so accommodating.

It was the Road Runners in West Virginia

Thank you for the information.

My name is Johni I’m writing for my son he’s 9 years old and his name is River he has Autism.

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Hello, My name is Shantelle. I have several chronic health issues. Most of them, cannot be seen. I have Neurofibromatosis type 2. It’s a neurological disorder which causes numerous tumors to grow anywhere throughout your body. The first two usually start 1 in each ear then attaching themselves to the brain stem. While that is happening, my hearing is at approx 30% in one ear, deaf in the other. Eventually, I’ll be completely deaf. It also causes slurred speech, balance nerves have to be removed, facial paralysis, and a whole lot more. I’ve also got tumors in my neck and spine causing chronic pain daily. I’ve had two back surgeries, knee surgery and 2 brain surgeries. I’ve been permanently disabled since 1997.

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Hi my name is Vicky and I’m anxious to learn about this site


I will be praying for you

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I’m Monica. My boyfriend has muliple sclerosis and sometimes needs a mobility scooter. We love traveling. It’s great to find more resources to help us plan new adventures.

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Hello Daniel and the community also. My name is Jo-Ann and I will be married 50 years to my husband Jim on June 29th. I am legally blind and also have mobility issues. I ride a scooter I
get around Outdoors able to get around in my own home for a limited amount of time if I have to sit. We were planning to go on a cruise for our anniversary with a another couple oh, but you are just me there were no rooms available that were wide enough to get through with my scooter. ( we need one of those 32 inch wide doors). Needless to say we are very disappointed as this was going to be our first cruise ever. Long story short, is how I found this website hoping for some feedback some others that it had this problem perhaps. Please excuse errors in this. I use text to speech and it may have misinterpreted some of my words.

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My name is April, I have arthritis in both knees and my hips I can’t walk without crutches I get tired easy because of the pain
Thank you

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Hello my name is Sheila Brown i can only walk or sit for 30min at a time i like to travel.

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