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Hi, I’m Marianna. I recently joined but haven’t really posted yet.

I’m currently 37, and I sometimes use a cane because, on top of having recently had hip surgery (Feb 2017) that’s still giving me issues, I have Lupus. Sometimes I take Cane-2SO with me even when I don’t “need” him because I get weird looks if I have to use any accessibility things while out and about. I was on a walker for a while, and lemme tell you, I learned so much about how people treat those of us with disabilities, whether visible or not. Mine aren’t visible 97% of the time, so I have to make them visible for a lot of people and it gets tiring.

So. That aside. I’m an author and a designer, and I do like to travel but I haven’t done a lot of it until pretty recently. I’m looking forward to getting some tips on my travel in the future.


My name is Cynthia and I have severe mobility issues mainly walking distances and standing for long periods. I like traveling but I limit myself due to these issues.


Hi Marianna and I hear you. I’m overweight so I get the stares in the grocery store from some when I use the riding cart but I’ve learned to ignore them. This is my life and I have to live it.


Hi. I’m Laura and my husband Tim has a type of MD. We’re lucky in that it is purely muscular and not neurological, but he is no longer able to walk or stand and his upper body strength is waning. Because his mind is strong, he is able to carry out a successful fulltime career and we travel both for his work and for pleasure. Cities we’ve traveled to for pleasure and have found to be great for accessibility include Vancouver and Portland, Oregon. They have great beer too! We also had a wonderful trip to Yellowstone National Park last fall – Tip 1: We went the first week after tourist season ended and found the traffic and crowds very manageable with a handicap parking space almost always available. Tip 2: Did you know that folks with disabilities can access all national parks for free? For work we get to travel to Monterey, California a lot (tough, I know! :blush:) and have figured out a couple of hotels that work for us, so if you ever go there we can tell you what works for us and why. Next year we are hoping to go to Hawaii but fear the length of the plane ride and using a bathroom onboard. We’ve joined this site to share our experiences and to get some input that will help us on our future travels. Thank you for creating this opportunity to share!

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Hi! Our Mother passed away and I was left with a huge responsibility! I take care of my 44 year old disabled brother. My brother has mental and physical disability’s. We are looking for travel that is easy access for him!


Hi I’m Cherryll. I have MS, I walk with a walker and get tired easy. My husband and I have tried traveling but have found it frustrating.
What are the best traveling methods and what do you recommend as the best travel destinations for handicapped travelers?
Thank you.


Hi im Lisa, my daughter Melissa Born with Down Syndrome ,33 yrs young and we love to get away. Life can be stressful, and hard to afford alot on 1 income. So I hope this site helps make thing easier on us. Were from Va. And well we’ll jus see wat happens. Piegon Forge would be nice to be added on this list if possible. Its within driving. So hard to fly somewhere on my income, and hotel, anf excursions. But hey jus to get away.
Thx in Advance