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Hi, I’m Marianna. I recently joined but haven’t really posted yet.

I’m currently 37, and I sometimes use a cane because, on top of having recently had hip surgery (Feb 2017) that’s still giving me issues, I have Lupus. Sometimes I take Cane-2SO with me even when I don’t “need” him because I get weird looks if I have to use any accessibility things while out and about. I was on a walker for a while, and lemme tell you, I learned so much about how people treat those of us with disabilities, whether visible or not. Mine aren’t visible 97% of the time, so I have to make them visible for a lot of people and it gets tiring.

So. That aside. I’m an author and a designer, and I do like to travel but I haven’t done a lot of it until pretty recently. I’m looking forward to getting some tips on my travel in the future.

My name is Cynthia and I have severe mobility issues mainly walking distances and standing for long periods. I like traveling but I limit myself due to these issues.

Hi Marianna and I hear you. I’m overweight so I get the stares in the grocery store from some when I use the riding cart but I’ve learned to ignore them. This is my life and I have to live it.

Hi. I’m Laura and my husband Tim has a type of MD. We’re lucky in that it is purely muscular and not neurological, but he is no longer able to walk or stand and his upper body strength is waning. Because his mind is strong, he is able to carry out a successful fulltime career and we travel both for his work and for pleasure. Cities we’ve traveled to for pleasure and have found to be great for accessibility include Vancouver and Portland, Oregon. They have great beer too! We also had a wonderful trip to Yellowstone National Park last fall – Tip 1: We went the first week after tourist season ended and found the traffic and crowds very manageable with a handicap parking space almost always available. Tip 2: Did you know that folks with disabilities can access all national parks for free? For work we get to travel to Monterey, California a lot (tough, I know! :blush:) and have figured out a couple of hotels that work for us, so if you ever go there we can tell you what works for us and why. Next year we are hoping to go to Hawaii but fear the length of the plane ride and using a bathroom onboard. We’ve joined this site to share our experiences and to get some input that will help us on our future travels. Thank you for creating this opportunity to share!

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Hi! Our Mother passed away and I was left with a huge responsibility! I take care of my 44 year old disabled brother. My brother has mental and physical disability’s. We are looking for travel that is easy access for him!

Hi I’m Cherryll. I have MS, I walk with a walker and get tired easy. My husband and I have tried traveling but have found it frustrating.
What are the best traveling methods and what do you recommend as the best travel destinations for handicapped travelers?
Thank you.

Hi im Lisa, my daughter Melissa Born with Down Syndrome ,33 yrs young and we love to get away. Life can be stressful, and hard to afford alot on 1 income. So I hope this site helps make thing easier on us. Were from Va. And well we’ll jus see wat happens. Piegon Forge would be nice to be added on this list if possible. Its within driving. So hard to fly somewhere on my income, and hotel, anf excursions. But hey jus to get away.
Thx in Advance

Hello all, my name is Elizabeth and currently living as a expat in Mexico. I have a spinal disease called advanced adhesive arachnoiditis. A mouthful that means the protective layers surrounding my spinal nerves have begun to deteriorate and nerves are stuck together firing Willy nilly. I fall a lot and am stooped over no longer able to look up. I depend on a cane and a walker to get around. But for the most part my wife and I are active, touring all over Mexico mostly by car. So if anyone has questions about accessibility here in North America’s deep south ask away, (the only state we have not been is in Baja Sur) I have a blog space to post pictures and lately have been giving notes on accessibility.
My wife has a rare cancer and has exceeded her doctors lifetime expectations by continuing to live 14 years and counting. Her cure is floating hours on end in the waters of the Caribbean. It rejuvenates her in ways I neither comprehend or nor question. So every six months or so we drive over and play in the waves. She is also dealing with the effects of a mild stroke she had. We learned just how dangerous a cheap air flight can be. And how to handle a medical emergency so far from home. So basically I am saying we have answers to some of the questions that might pop up.

Puebla is a super beautiful city. But like much /most of Mexico can be trying to get around. Especially with scooters or wheel chairs. There is no legal requirement to be accessible so many stores/restaurants are accessed by climbing steps. I have found there are many helping hands offered when you need the assistance so don’t be afraid to accept it. Puebla suffered a major earthquake in the past couple of years so there are buildings being propped up by any means available and blocking access to the sidewalks and into the streets. It just means f follow the crowds they know how to navigate the zone. Good news is the sidewalks are a bit wider than normal and they have started building ramps at corners. If you plan on driving bring your handicap window card if you have one. Mexico only requires a sign of some kind in a window. Your disabled card that came with it will get you discounts into parks and museums. Have a great trip.

My name is Dave Chhakchhuak. I’m from Gaithersburg Maryland. A c4 quad but a cheerful guy. Thank you for accepting me in accessiblego

Hi My name is Mari, I am an administrator of the non-profit International Autoimmune Encephalitis Society. I was so glad to see the invisible disability section. I was diagnosed with autoimmune encephalitis a little more than 2 years ago after having seizures at work. My illness causes me to have some memory issues and way finding is always something I get concerned about. My husband and I are going to Italy this month for our 25th anniversary, so I’m sure I will have info to share after that trip

Hello, I just recently joined this place. I do hope to be able to travel again in the near future. My major disabilities started at the end of 2012 and since then I have had to learn how to live like this. Chronic pain from DDD, Kienbocks disease, Carpal tunnel, RA and so much more. I have had multiple surgeries over the past few years including lumbar diskectomy laminectomy, revision carpal surgery on both hands along with ulnar transposition at both elbows, also had a salvage surgery on my right hand where they removed 3 bones which are the proximal row as the lunate exploded and desinigrated the two ajoining bones, 3 level cervical fusion on March 3rd 2019 and having a 6 level cervical fusion this coming Wednesday. My hands have become rediculously hard to use and hurt all the time. Hoping the upcoming surgery will return some feeling in my fingers but that’s probably not going to happen. I live on Norco, methadone and Flexaral to get me through the day… After I recover from upcoming surgery I will be taking over full care of my Mother who is currently in skilled rehab waiting for me to bring her home. I don’t know how I’m going to do all this with no help and being so broken myself but somehow I have to. So I need to buy a house like yesterday so I can get my Mother and I under the same roof as I can not stay with her in her apartment and she can’t stay here where I’m staying as it’s not my house. I can’t move in with her because I have several dogs that I love and show… so I will be temporarily staying with her and running home daily to care for my dogs then running back. This will be going on until I find a house. Anyway life is complicated these days and I struggle daily getting through another day. So that’s my story as of today… I am hoping to reclaim some type of normal life in the future and signing up here seems like a great first step. I am also hoping to return to showing my dogs in AKC Shows wich requires alot of travel and discount’s are definitely needed :grinning:

Hi! I’m Lisa Dumire and my nickname is Lucy Mae. My husband Tim and I are both retired from NC National Guard and both are service-connected, disabled veterans.

We have a Work and Play travel trailer (toy-hauler), that we have taken cross-country to visit our son. We usually park at a military post campground as it is more reasonably priced than the local KOAs or Good Sam’s Club RV parks.

I am looking forward to making new friends and new memories with the assistance of the forums on this site. Thanks for the add.

Hi! My name is Amanda and I am so happy to have found this site. I have an invisible disability that makes it difficult to walk or stand for any significant amount of time. I currently use a walker but have recently been told that I will need to use a wheelchair since my legs have begun to give out on me. Finding hotels that are accessible has been a real pain and even when I request simple things like a shower chair, I find that most either don’t have them or “forget” the accommodation.

So I’m thrilled to be a part of this site! Before I got sick, I loved to travel and explore. But now I feel isolated and with two small kids I feel like I let them down bc we can’t go like I was able to before. Hopefully this site will help change that!

Hi. My name is Susan. I have multiple non-visible issues, from arthritic to fibromyalgia to cancer. Horrible knee pain, bad balance, etc. So I use a scooter to go any distance, like over 100 feet. I’m retired. My wife and I love to travel, especially cruises. I’m glad to find this forum.

Hi my name is Marlene and I have disabilities that people can’t see! I love to travel with my husband and all our adventures!

Friends and husband…they made me walk stairs, it took awhile but we got there!

Hello my name is Connie. I have traveled all my life and upon retiring in 2017 I traveled to Europe for a month with my husband. A few months after our return I received a diagnosis of ALS I am now confined to a wheelchair. However we have found ways to continue to travel. This year we have taken 3 cruises and have one more planned for December. In addition we’re flying to Hawaii in November. I’m not sure how long I can continue this but meanwhile I don’t want to sto living. I would love to return to Europe but unsure how traveling with a wheelchair and needing accessible services would work out there.

Hello. I’m Carol. I was hit with Transverse Myelitis 3 years ago, at first couldn’t move from my neck down. After 3 years I still have no feeling in my hands or my legs. Thanks to Robotics I can move my legs to walk. I walk like a robot, but at least I walk. Get very tired very quickly. We want to travel, but limited as to what we can do. Husband 76, not good at pushing wheelchair. We sometimes rent scooter. Need handicapped room, can’t step in that tub! Looking forward to hearing experiences.

Hi my name is Imani,

And I am very very New too this.
I’m a c5 quadriplegic But I do get out and travel .
With my family and friends.
I have been to AC and South Carolina.
But I am having a problem with Traveling right now.
Can you please help me with some information.

Hi. I’m Susan, and live in MA. I’m a retired RN and Acupuncturist. I have some mobility issues, and use my scooter a lot, although I can walk short distances. I have 2 grown children and 3 fantastic grandchildren. Valorie and I have been together nearly 15 years, and married almost 5. We have a wonderful dog named Toby, who is a Cavalier KC Spaniel mix. This photo is of Toby with our #1doggie sitter and massage therapist, Kristin. She knows just where to rub