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My name is Mary Beth. I have progressive chronic pain and neuropathy, as well as IBS and fibromyalgia that have me using a cane outside the house most of the time for short distances and my mobility scooter for longer distances. I have two long term partners, one of whom has disabling chronic peripheral neuropathy, and five children, two of whom have chronic pain as well. We are a family held together by love, KT tape, understanding, mobility devices, compassion, a bunch of wicked sense of humor, silly string, cooperation, and crazy glue. We just get it done…

Hi, I’m Bridger I have high functioning autism. My dreams to travel the world. Exploring every place imaginably.

I don’t have much of a physical disablity anymore. That means, I just have to deal with social issues. My communication face to face can be kind of choppy. Online though it’s a walk in the park. I do have development issues and come off weird as hell sometimes.

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Hi Richard. Welcome to accessibleGO. That’s a great dream, to travel the world.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Where’s your next trip going to be?

Love the photo! Way to go.

My plans include Asia, Europe, and eventually the Middle East. I like the idea of not being held down to one place. It’s kind of a dream of mine to travel for 15+ years around the whole world. It might happen but a little later in my life.

My college actually has a exchange program. Might head down for a few years to Germany or Switzerland to study. It will be a great experience. Although for at least two years. I’ll be at my towns local university. Wish me luck :wink:

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Hi Daniel. I’m Robin. 60 YO and have Myotonnic Dystrophy 1. I’m still able to walk with some difficulty. Does ClubGo have a travel companion program.

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My name is Francine, I am 77 and live with my husband in a Retirement community. My husband is more mobile than I am, but he has some vision issues and consequently limits his driving. I have orthopedic issues, including two knee replacements as well as revision which has resulted in serious waking abilities followed by a fall that left me unable to walk except for short distance. Need to use power chair or transport chair to go out.
Looking for ideas for traveling, in general. Enjoying this forum.

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Hi Robin (@garynrob)! Thanks for the question. People with disabilities and their caregivers can join accessibleGO’s traveler’s club.

Currently you need a disability parking permit or have membership with one of our non-profit partners in order access the hotel deals which are not available to the public. However, we will soon be updating our traveler’s club so more people can join even if they don’t have membership with one of our non-profit partner organizations.

To join the traveler’s club on accessibleGO, log into, then click on “clubGO” from your profile’s menu. Note that you have to leave the forum and return to the main site first.

You can also try using this link: then click on “clubGO” from the menu and follow the steps to join. Happy to help if you get stuck at any point. :slight_smile: