My name is Jeannette. My husband of 64 years had polio when he was 15 & is parlized in his right leg. So as he has grown older he has lost his ability to walk or stand for very long. He uses a motorized scooter to get around. We have always enjoyed travel & have traveled all over the world. In the last few years we have had to drive to a vacation because flying ois all most impossible to rent a car or van with some type of lift for the scooter. I used to be able to take the scooter apart & put it in a van or car but now I’m not able to do that. Also hotels & resorts say they are handicapped assessable but many have no roll in shower, toilets not tall enough no handrails or either not in the right place. One other thing is furniture that is so low if he moves from the scooter to a chair he has a hard time pushing himself up to get back on the scooter. A recliner would be nice. Thank you for listening

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Hi Jeannette! Welcome to our community. We are so happy to have you! This is the experience of many, and our goal at accessibleGO is to make traveling easier for people with disabilities by equipping them with the information, hotels, and tips and tricks.

Happy traveling!

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Hi Jeannette,
When looking for hotel rooms, many of them parse words. Handicap and wheelchair accessible are two different things. As for renting a wheelchair or a vehicle with scooter or wheelchair abilities… Check with local mobility outfits, some of them rent vehicles. Also check your local fire departments, Lions clubs, and other civic organization loan closets. You may be able to pick up a scooter or power chair for nothing.