Invisible But Not Forgotten

Just wanted to Say Hello and Introduce myself. I am Tanya and I am now an empty nester. I have fur babies also that are becoming my registered companions. This is a process but needed very much. I have been diagnosed with many ailments but Lupus and It’s Other sister dieases have become the Issue to my life and made me Disabled ten years ago. I woke with no available to move my legs or walk. that story is long one… short version is I went from Wheelchair to auto scooter to two canes to one cane to none. but wish j had one from time to time. I fall often and Thank goodness for my Fur babies being there to help me up. Just want to thank you all for listening and know I am supporting you on your journey as well.
Thanks for listening and getting to know me and Excited to get to know you all on here.
Pain is strong but I am Stronger

Welcome to our community @nwsolrebrn7713!