Is accesible airport, streets, public places, hotel, bathrooms in restairatns, taxi has space in trunk etc?

I am new, my mother is in a hwwlchair and I would love to take her to Europe since its her dream. I went to Lisbon not long ago and france. I see some hotels that are accessible, but really the streets are not, publics palces are not, sidewalks, bathrooms are not, uber and taxi didnt have space for a wheelchair.
Would you recommend any turist agency that will have a package which includes accessible from the airport, streets, publics places, bathrooms, hotels etc which actually can accomodate a person who can not move and needs to be in wheelchair all the time?
Thank you and I am very excited to belong to this community!!

Have a look at

Go to as they are an agency for disabled travelers. They taje care of hitels, tours, bus travel whioe on Europe, etc. I know they have an upcoming tour to Italy coming up as I received an email about it a week ir so ago.
I have not traveled with them byt tgey seem to have a big variety of pkaces to ho. It is my understanding that John Sage, owner/founder is in a wheelchair. I would suggest trying Google for travel groups or agencies that specialize in travel for persons who are disabled. I seem to recall Sage is based out of TX and I don’t know your location but I would try to find someone msybe closer to home.

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I recommend Sage traveling or Travel-for-all or Curbfree with Cory Lee’s travel agency. They are all owned by people who are wheelchair users, and this makes a world of difference.

Hi Lilia,
My name is Massimo, I live in Italy, I am a tourist consultant.
I have been involved in accessible tourism (for people with disabilities and especially wheelchair users) for many years.

The European cities are ancient, even more than 2500 years old, so especially the central areas, the oldest and most interesting to visit, have not been designed for the needs of wheelchair users.
Many interventions have been made to improve accessibility.
All cities have modern areas, or that date back a couple of centuries ago, with spacious avenues, wide sidewalks with curb cuts, but in the oldest areas, which are those you would like to visit, you will find narrow streets, with stone paving and narrow or missing sidewalks, etc.

European airports are generally accessible to wheelchair users, fingers are widely used and all travellers with disabilities are guaranteed boarding and disembarkation assistance.

Public transport, with some exceptions, has accessible vehicles but they are often crowded and wheelchair access could be difficult.
Some underground networks (Paris, London, Rome,…) are poorly accessible.
Taxis in most European cities are not accessible by wheelchair.
But in UK cities many cabs are accessible to a small manual wheelchair.
Uber or similar services are not accessible.
For my customers I rent accessible vans with driver for transfers, tours, excursions, multi-day tours,…

Accessible public toilets: They are typically available in train stations, museums and public buildings, in the lobby of many hotels, in many bars and restaurants.
In some cities there are accessible public toilets but they are still few.

However, the very few agencies that deal with accessible tourism can provide packages that include all the accessible services required: hotels, transport, tour guides, museum entrances, aids rental, nurse and caregiver assistance if needed, train tickets,…
But no agency can change the accessibility of a city, so if there is a stone paving or there aren’t sidewalks there’s no way to solve the problem

For more information you can see some sections in the dedicated sites:
Europe: for general accessibility information.
Italy: in the drop-down menu of the “Tours” section choose the region you want to visit for general accessibility information.

However for each request for more detailed information or for particular problems you can write to the emails on the sites.

Best regards

Thank you so much! Very useful! I will contact them :pray:

Hi Massimo thank you so much for your response!
Yes in London I saw my mother could visit and yes of course old cities are not accesible. Im thinking of a way to know that a place we visit my mother can travel so we understand is not easy and we are just looking for an adapted city.
Thank you so much and I will love to keep in touch since I would like to have more information.

Try Limitless Travel. Based in Birmingham, England but they tour all the UK, Europe, including Portugal and Canary islands, Ireland, Iceland, Africa and provide help aides and equipment.

We have traveled to several places in Europe. We find London being the best handicap accessible country to visit. They’re on the same page as the USA with bedrooms, accessible bathrooms, walking showers and elevators. Even the mass transportation, the Tube, is great for people with disabilities. We also rented our own flat three bedroom two bath that was absolutely wonderful. 36 inch doors to enter the apartment, bathroom, shower stall, etc. Sometimes you’re better off going on in Virbo to rent a first floor facility. The black cans in London have doors that open up left and right which gives you a big accessible area to get in. The roads are absolutely beautiful to work on. We stayed in a flat between the north and south Wellington Hospital, which was a medical housing facility. We went during the holidays Christmas, New Year’s, yes, it snowed and it was absolutely beautiful. I’m not sure if you wanna go in warmer weather, but just be prepared for rain. Also went to France and Italy, which were not very handycap Accessible. That was the time to travel as the British crown is less than a dollar bill. The euro is worth one dollar US as well. Go online and look for accessible companies in London. They can plan your trip with you so you can have a fantastic time. We use the company called Westminster apartments, which was fantastic and very expensive. We were also in an area called St. John’s Wood… how many more around the block from us was Paul McCartney who we saw twice coming out of his residence. Lotta fun. Wish you well in your endeavors and hope you have a great time. PS: don’t know your budget if you could travel business class I’m British Airways they were absolutely fantastic. The staff assisted me get him to use the bathroom and help me back to my seat. They also have wheelchairs that go up and down the isles. If you’re using points to travel, American Airlines, utilize British Airways, Delta Partners with Virgin air, which is also phenomenal