Is it discrimination?

Is it just me or do others also find there is discrimination when looking for an accessible hotel or motel room? I use apps belonging tovtge major chains and it seems whenever I key in accessible the price goes up, especially if I request a room with a shower. I have made my opinion quite clear to more than one hotel chain about the fact I did not understand this nor did I understand why a mobility accessible room had a bathtub rather than a shower. I for one cannot crawl over the side or a tub, nor can I step over it. I also asked why they put tubs in all of the rooms because even my younger, healthy friends want showers and not tubs. I also want to know why accessible rooms all seem to have king size beds. I often travel with another female and even though we are friends, I really don’t care to sleep with her. Am I the only one noticing this; or am I the only one it bothers? Wanted to hear from others in this group to see if they also see these items mentioned above. Just tjisblsst weekend I made a 2 night reservation using my points with one major hotel group. I went online to check on availability of accessible rooms. I see 3 types: king mo accessibility 30,000 poijtsvor $96 govt rate; 3 queens hearing accessible with tub 30,000 points or $96 govt rate and then king mobility accessible with roll in shower 48,000 points for $96 govt rate. My question the guy taking my reservation why the big jump in points? Then
I have a free night coming to me but because I required handicapped room I could not use that free room because it was for a standard room
I once again called discrimination because I explained I earned those points stsyingvin various locations but always in a handicapped room but now was being denied using the free night I earned because I cannot use a standard room. Any thoughts?

I have learned that requesting a “normal” room with a queen bed and shower works for me. Sometimes it takes a bit of research, though. However, I can walk a few steps with my cane.

The ADA requirements are great, but older hotels often have high tubs and lower toilets.

I’m fairly sure the US ADA forbids extra tariffs for mobility challenged. You might look into that.


Yes, it is discrimination, the room is already made that way with the shower, it should not cost anything more than their regular rate. I am not sure if they are doing one bed to allow more space but it sounds like they need some input

My apologies, I think probably you are not US based?

Here, two beds per handicap room are the default setting. Also, newer rooms all have floor level showers with a one inch threshold.

Unfortunately, the newer places also have those horrible pneumatic doors, sometimes you need to ask for help getting in or out of your room.

There is no reason for refusing your points, you probably should take it up with whatever company issues them to get a resolution.

Yes, it is discrimination. In the USA all standard rooms have to have an equivalent room for accessible accommodations. If an accessible room has mor beds than a regular room they can charge more. If it is the same they cannot. They also cannot charge more points for the same type of room. The shower situation is a little different. Hotels built before the 1990 ADA rules went into effect, showers were not required. Any remodel could possibly have a shower installed unless it is too costly. Newer lodging is installing wet rooms in wheelchair accessible rooms, not necessarily accessible rooms.
You can ask them to sell you the room at the standard room points or mention that you will be contacting the ADA and filing a complaint with the department of justice.

Are you booking your hotels through AccessibleGo? I have found the pricing better, and love that they verify my accommodation requests for the room. The only problem that I’ve noticed with a Holiday Inn, is that if I don’t book through the hotel, I don’t get my Reward Points.

I think it is outrageous that many hotels/motels do not have many handicapped accessible rooms and I agree that tubs are archaic. I have never used the tub in my house (I have both a shower and tub in my home). Even before I was disabled I never used the tub.
The hotels/motels should remove the tubs and put in more showers. Leave a few tubs for people with children. Also, charging more for a handicapped accessible room is discriminatory. Have you contacted the division that oversees discrimination against handicapped
people? I would write them and see if they can help. I haven’t stayed in a motel or hotel in years. My vacations are cruises and I don’t believe I pay more for a handicapped room. When I travel I need a shower with seat and room for my electric scooter. Other
than that I can handle the vanity and toilet at normal heights.

Good luck.

Shelley Kamen

I am US based as I live in SC

I don’t experience this charge difference when I cruise but I do with hotels and motels. Seems once I choose accessible the price goes up. Just this last weekend I argued with reservations guy but like my friend said these folks speaking to jevhave no authority to override anything. I am writing to my major hotel group I use most often

TThanks for writing this: The policies you describe are indeed discriminatory. I have found the same thing with tubs and with king size beds. I do not know how those in the hospitality industry can be made aware of this. I plan to speak with a friend’s relatives who works in the hotel industry and hear what she has to say. I’ll update once I speak with her.