Issue with boarding tour bus

From a community member:

We just left a cruise on Royal Caribbean. We both use canes. We booked bus tours and found significant difficulty in even boarding the buses. They were kneeling buses but did not have that helpful supplemental box step available. How can we avoid this issue?

Although it would be an extra item to carry, you could just purchase a portal step to have with you in case you have need of it. Then, before booking the tour, you should ask what the height of the first step is or maybe what type of bus it is?

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Hi there! I agree with @kittyreagan. Marshall’s and Target sell foldable step stools for very cheap - maybe $8 - $10 each that fold down to be only an inch or so thick. I have many around my home, as they are easy to throw or place wherever in my apartment to reach a high item. They typically are sturdy enough too!

I know it isn’t ideal to bring your own stool when I imagine your bags are already stuffed full (at least that’s how I pack!), but could be a good workaround.

Hi site member, my name is Pinky :fairy: and I am one of your Forum Moderator’s also. Thank you for posting for some guidance on the Forum. I am in total agreement with the my fellow posters about the portable stepping stool/step.

However I was concerned when I saw that you said this happened on Royal Caribbean Cruise tours; because unfortunately this is not the first time I am hearing about difficulties with that cruise line in looking after their guests with ability challenges. Pretty safe to assume these were not the “Accessible” tours that R.C. randomly offers in some ports?

If they were, then we have an even bigger problem that I would like to help take to my customer service contacts at R.C. if you don’t mind? I just need to know what ship you were on, the ports of call and the name of tours if you still have that information? The whole point of the cruise line even offering those type of tours, is so that you can participate in activities without needing an arsenal of extra equipment to travel with (With the exception of needing a wheelchair/scooter).
The tour company needs to adjust their tours or not advertise as being accessible, but the pressure from the cruise company will be much more influential on getting the company to change.

The other problem that I run into when cruising or in other foreign ports, is that I have to keep reminding myself that every country has their own concept of “accessible” (or they have no definition); and that I can’t try and compare to what we know as A.D.A. laws we have in the U.S. So I find it safe to speak to the tour desk on-board to ask them how accessible all the stops on a tour may actually be? And if they don’t know, you ask them to contact the tour operator before you agree to booking. (They make a fortune on the markups for selling those tours… so make them work for it…lol). Otherwise you can end up on a tour where the transportation is accessible, but none of the stops on the tour; and you end up siting on the bus the whole tour, while everyone else hops off and explores.

Please let me know if you want me to follow back up with Royal Caribbean? That cruise line still has some issues to work out, but they are defiantly trying. (Especially with their Celebrity line of ships).

Thank you again for reaching out on the Forum. We have a great family on here, always so helpful with trying to make sure everyone is traveling and getting the help they need to make it happen,

  • Keep on traveling everyone; It’s our world too! :wheelchair: :earth_americas:

  • -Pinky :fairy: :kissing_heart: