Issues at concert venues - advice?

From a member of our community:

I was wondering if anyone has issues at concert venues. I have been having problems for almost 20 years. I pay the same as everyone else but they are allowed to stand and I cannot. I am thinking this might be in violation of the ADA rules section 802.2.1. Any advice?

I know what you mean. The places where wheelchairs and scooters can sit is way in the back, too. Deaf people can go sit in front so they can see the signed. But if you’re mobility impaired, any other issues such as poor vision or hard of hearing don’t count. I think you should call the ACLU.


I have been dealing with concert venues for 14 plus years and have never had an issue. I buy accessible seats and have had nothing but positive experiences. If you are trying to be in the mosh pit, good luck. ADA is alive and well for us.

I get so upset when places are not handicapped accessible!!!

Do they have accessible seating? I have requested my money and related expenses back when I had a similar situation. They moved me from my original accessible seat to a non-accessible area. I made a few calls until I got to the right person and I received my entire cost back

I’m trying to get in the habit of buying the ticket, and then calling the venue up about accessible seating. The last concert I went to (standing room only for the whole venue), I noticed someone else and his friends in chairs at the front of the balcony, clearly placed there as impromptu accessible seating. I realized that if I had just asked, I probably could have gotten something similar! Instead, I had to spend time sitting against the wall up on the balcony, peeking through legs to see the bands!
I actually made friends with a parent who came with her kids who didn’t want to stand in the crowd and sat next to me to chat between songs :slight_smile: