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Issues with handicap parking

I am recently disabled . A number of medical problems have grown very quickly lately that cant be seen by most. My question being : how do you deal with people who dont believe you are disabled when you parking in a handicapped space ? I had a lady yelling at me ( even though my plaque was displayed) telling me to move and that i could possibly be disabled.

Politely tell the person your disability is not visible but it is real and the disabled placard is yours. Thank her for looking after those of us who are disabled and making sure only disabled park in disabled parking.



Ignore them do t let them get to you.its better not to get in an argument

This had happened to me several years ago. I even pulled up the legs of my pants to show my scars, and this jerk had me in tears. The store manager saw the confrontation and asked me what had happened. I told him and he said if that ever happened again, to come right inside and get the manager on duty.

I was also told by law enforcement, that if it should happen again, to call 911 and request an officer due to someone harassing me regarding my disability.

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It is obvious that this is not your problem but theirs. You are the victim of their ignorance and asking for higher or neighborly authority may be needed to resolve the confrontation.

I agree with Shelly that thanking them is a useful initial strategy because many people want to make sure that resources for the disabled are used properly. I have done this. Unfortunately, too, people of color may be unfairly criticized for using these resources by those lacking compassion, empathy, decency or kindness.

And if you can’t forgive them, pray for them.

Simply you can’t delay with that kind of people, let them to yell and take no notice.

I have encountered this. I listen to them, nod my head and say “ well, my doctor, specialist, and therapists all agree that I have some challenges “. You could talk to them… it usually starts a new conversation…

Let them do their yelling. You better know yourself and do what suits you the most.

I too am disabled but with what we call an invisible disability. If you look at me, I look at any one else but because of a brain injury I often have difficulty finding my car, I have to plan my route to make sure I get where I’m going on time without getting lost. I have not tried to apply for disability plates because I didn’t even think they would be approved.

I often just try to feel sorry for the ignorant people I encounter but for as many times as I cross paths with a rude person I find a kind person. I often want to say that the rude person would never want to have to walk in my shoes. Little comfort I know

Hi overworkedone65,
I learned quickly that beating them about with my cane was frowned upon by the local police so I had to find another way to enlighten them. (just kidding) I recently had the same situation. I pulled into the spot got out and immediately grabbed a shopping cart to hold myself up and an elderly lady looked at me and asked if I was allowed to park in this spot. I had reached my limit of being asked and said I have had eight back surgeries so far and am waiting on number nine, ( I had number nine last Friday) would you like to see the scars? She just made a face and drove away.

It’s hard when they can’t see the physical disability. I don’t want to have to dig my walker out just to go to the grocery when I’m going to use their riding cart. I don’t want to take an hour putting on my back brace, my locking knee brace and everything else just to make others think that I belong in a parking space. This only happens when I drive my car. My car has a placard. My wifes’ car which we use most of the time because she drives has a handicapped Marine Corps license plate tag and then people say thank you for your service and never ask a question.

I guess the best thing you can do is smile and say yes ma’am or yes sir I do have the right to use this spot even though you may not see my disability, it is truly there. I know my answer may not have helped but thank you for letting me vent.

I understand, as I have similar issues. Not all handicaps are visible. I’d say that first. Carrying a cane could get some people to leave you alone.


Hello overworkedone65

I know how you feel when I first became disabled many years ago I didn’t apply for a disabled badge when I could have fearful of the same situation. Now I just turn to the person shouting and say “I don’t have to justify my blue badge to you, I have already done this with the authorizing authorities so butt out”.

It may sound nasty but these people are ignorant and don’t deserve anything more. Never try to reason with them it never works.


I find it bad when we go to a place and have to pay to park in disabled. Then.tell.you to park down the street where it’s free.