Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis

Hidden disabilities, I was born with JRA and sometimes I dont have to use my wheelchair, cane, walker, numerous braces on every part joint in my body and I’m blessed when I don’t have to use them. But when I do I have seven replacements two electronic units implanted on my spine.

In 2021 I had a right hip replacement that went very bad it disconnected five times you would think on the first time the doctor would call or reconstruction doctor to put me back together and I’m still having a whole lot of problems walking so now I must use my wheelchair more than I was using it. My point is that people if they don’t see you in those critical positions is a wheelchair crutches or canes they think you’re not handicapped I’ve been assaulted several times when I pulled into a handicap and put my Placer up and got out the car Walking kinda like a penguin.


I am sorry you have to endure all that you do. And I thank you for educating me on this.

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Tell those stupid people to MYOB! You can’t fix stupid! It’s none of their business what is wrong with you. I have gone from a cane to a platform crutch to a rollator to a scooter to a power wheelchair. I am very minimally ambulatory. At my age, I could care less what people say or think.

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There are so many hidden disabilities including cardiac and respiratory but people don’t understand this. Actually I am in a wheelchair now but for years did not use one. It is less important for me to be close now than it was before I used the chair.