Las Vegas - Airport Transfers

From a community member:

I need airport transfers with a lift on board for wheelchair in Las Vegas. Do you have any suggestions?

Good luck! Las Vegas airport has a special section for taxis for wheel chairs so when we landed we thought everything was great. They placed us in that section and then we waited and waited and waited. We asked several times and were told that it was on its way. After 45 minutes of waiting in the 100 degree heat we took another ten minutes to climb into a regular taxi van. Do not depend on accessible taxis in Vegas!

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It’s true that there are accessible wheelchair taxis in Las Vegas, for which you can make an appointment. However, without an appointment, it’s a long wait. You can make appoints with Bell Trans for a wheelchair lift vehicle, which is what we usually do. Alternatively, rental wheelchair accessible vans are available from a few companies, too. We’ve used Wheelers Vans.
City buses are wheelchair accessible.

Are there Uber WAV there? They are wheelchair chair vans. We used them in Los Angeles until we bought our own.

Hi @patch. I go to Vegas a couple times a year. Each time I learn something new. For transportation from the airport to the hotel, go down and out to the regular cab line. Speak to the individual directing the cabs and the line. He will have the next cab radio into the hub to ensure an accessible vehicle is on the way. I never have to wait long. Once in the van, ask the driver for a business card. They will also offer you their cell number for return rides. I always ask, what days/hours do you work and if it’s ok to send them a text to see if their available. I haven’t had any of them say no. I often see the same drivers! If you are casino hopping, go to the taxi line at the hotel, they will call “a friend that’s working “. Lastly, you can roll the dice with phoning the call center, Kabit. Good luck!!

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The bus is wheelchair accessible.