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Hi anyone have suggestions on things that are manageable to do, scooter/electric wheelchairs rental, and airport to hotel transportation (we have the hotel booked already)I can walk a little like from room to room inside our one story house and stand holding onto something for a couple minutes thank you

I have found Las Vegas is a good place to visit with mobility issues. I have found plenty of accessible rooms and items we depend on like automatic doors and pool lifts functioning. If sensory is an issue, I would recommend earphones. The one issue we haven’t solved was a good way to get from the airport to our hotel. If you can arrange something prior to arriving, I would recommend it.

I recently went to Vegas and rented a scooter once I was there. Las Vegas is one of the most adaptive places to travel. They advertise over 100 cabs that you can take scooter or wheelchair in.
Most areas that have a mobility store to purchase scooter etc. rent scooter etc for visitors. I live at Amelia Island Florida and it has a large tourist population and there is a place to rent.
Look up scooter rental for area you want to visit also can google area for disabled visitors and find out how adaptive the area is

On my last trip to New York City I contacted the concierge at my hotel and was given a toll free number and I was able to rent an electric scooter and it was delivered to the bell captain and then it was picked up from there.

Hi @goldieedwards56. I’ve used Yellow Scooters in Vegas twice with no problem and great service. They dropped the powerchair off at the taxi stand and I left it with the front desk when I left. It is so easy to get around there!! Lots to do and see!! I ask the taxi attendant to call an accessible van and haven’t had to wait too long, maybe once on a Saturday night. I also get the number of the driver and ask when they work so I can call them directly, if they don’t mind. They usually offer before I ask. I now use the same 3 guys every time I go! I travel with my own chair now though. Good luck!!

We’re you able to get the scooter onto transportation of any sort to get around NYC?

Try Scootaround Inc.
Whether you need a wheelchair, scooter, powerchair, rollator, oxygen or other piece of mobility equipment, Scootaround can help. Nationwide. Book ahead for your arrival to hotel or cruise ship. Some international destinations too.

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I took the scooter everywhere byt I did not use any other transportation. I was at tte Marriott Marquis at Times Square and rode it to Radio City fir tte Christmas show and one of thier ushers accompanied me to the ladies room and literally ran interference for me in that she cleared the path and commandeered an elevator and took ne right to tten head of the line at restroom and tyrned me iver to the attendant then fid tge dame fir me return to my seat. I took my scooter to 2 Broadway theaters, took it to restaurants and to 911 museum. My scariest tine was riding it to Macy’s and losing my friend inside the store (she didn’t take her phone with her so no contact), having to call NYPD because store’s security sucked. She was found am employee who called hotel snd ttey sent cab for her. It started fetting fusk and I asked one cop who would transport me and scooter and number ge fave me was good but they only worked til 5. I ended up driving my scooter back literally in the almist dark and by the time I got there absolutely dark to the hotel. By this time of day I was down to 1 bar ledt on battery. I was petrified the scooter would die before I got to the hotel. I will say majority of people were cognizant of my scooter and were lind abd stated out of my way even crossing the streets. I did make it back. I first visuted tre bar then had dinner at the hotel and had a serious talm with ny fruebd about carrying her phone with her whenever she left the hotel. It was her 1st trip to NYC and I kbew she was freaking out. I was so disappointed in Macy’s security. I calked and reported her missing and which department she had headed to shop. We were to neet for lunch and she got turned around. Every tine I used in-house phone to call security I had to start all over because no one taljed to anyone else do new oerson kbew nothing (one took info from ne face to face tten left for lunch and never returned. Lady who helped her also called security to report me missing and no one there ever figured out to put 2 and 2 together). NYPD said during holidays they hired abyone that breathed.

There is a company that will deliver rental wheelchairs to your hotel room in most major cities. You can find them at At cities that are major cruise ports try Special Needs at Sea. They rent most mobility equipment and will deliver directly to your room…

We used Scootaround on a cruise. It was the best money spent.

We just got back from New Orleans. We stayed in the French Quarter. The French Quarter Inn. The accessible room was just that. The shower was great. Big bathroom. No lift into the pool but a nice courtyard to spend time in also. Now New Orleans in the older areas are a little problematic. A lot of stores had a small step to get into but not the hotel. We found a lot of construction on sidewalks but only twice did I have to go back to go a different route. Most restaurants were accessible.

We just went to Vegas in August. My hubby is in a manual wheelchair and my mother can’t walk far without something to lean on. We stayed at Treasure Island on the strip that rented a wheelchair for us, I think they might have had a scooter too. Free rental but first come first serve. We had a horrible time finding an accessible van from the airport to the hotel. The taxi attendant at the airport from the Red Terminal was nowhere to be found, and we had to take 2 cabs for our party of 6 and a non-folding wheelchair. Thank goodness hubby can transfer from wheelchair to seat, otherwise who knows how long it would have taken to get a cab. It was much easier from the hotel. The concierge was able to call for a bigger van no problem. I think I saw 1 accessible van the whole time we were there for a week. Even calling the cab companies direct didn’t produce any help. We thought Vegas was great for accessibility EXCEPT for the availability of accessible taxis!