Las Vegas Things to do for amputee?


Question from a member of our community:

Please let us know what restriction there may still be on accessibility for Las Vegas attractions. I am in a Wheelchair due to having Both Legs amputated below the knee. The lack of Lower Limbs sometimes restrict me more with some attractions.


There are plenty of things to do in Vegas in a wheelchair.
My husband and I are both power wheelchair users and visit regularly.

The buses have lifts so you can get from downtown to the strip. There is a monorail along the strip. We buy a multi day pass. It is cheaper and must if you are staying on the strip.

There are accessible taxis.

All of the casinos and most of the major attractions are very accessible.
The only thing we have found that is not accessible are the bus tours.


Hi there,

If you are open to extreme, one of the things that looks fun is SlotZilla at the Fremont Street Experience.

John Morris has written a blog post with pictures of his experience.


My husband is paraplegic and we are heading back to Vegas for our second time. Most of the casinos have thick carpet which could be challenging. So rather than cutting through the casinos we travel along the strip. We don’t rent cars while we are there. The monorail, deuce bus and the trams between hotels are accessible. We would use uber if we got tired or travelled to Fremont experience. The show’s had accessible seating, but I would suggest booking them early. The slotzilla has a superman zip line that is accessible, but someone has to transport your chair to the finish line. There are lifts/elevators to the top. The actual strip was mostly flat. High roller ferris wheel is also accessible. I’m hoping to work up enough courage to try it this trip.


Definetly looking forward to trying that Slotzilla thing. My wife is a real adrenalin Junkie, so we are going to do it together. Looking forward to checking it all out again as I love Las Vegas.