Lets provide the answer "WHO'S ACCESSIBLE"


I have a suggestion, let’s get people where they live and work to visit their cities major chains to verify their accessibility. I would be willing to visit hotels in Jacksonville, Florida and provide the answers on what accessibility options and challenges each chain has locally. It may even jumpstart hotel chains to get more accessible if we all report what we find.


Great idea. I keep telling people working at various hotels that I have visited that they need to have a physically handicapped person involved in the design of remodeling rooms or building new facilities. Yes, there are ADA requirements but meeting minimum regs doesn’t necessarily mean the rooms are totally accessible. For example: I ask for a walk in or roll in shower in lieu of a tub because I cannot physically get over the side of a tub no matter how many grab bars that are placed around the tub. Lately I have had a hard time booking reservations for an accessible room because apparently they are few in number. I wish more hotel chain apps had the option to indicate the need for an a accessible room; the only one I have found is Hilton and if you select an accessible room a box pops up telling you that you have selected an accessible room and asks if you need that option. If you select yes it continues with your reservation, if you select mo tten you return to list of available rooms.


Thank you @beverlydanford for this great idea! What a fantastic suggestion and we would be delighted to help make this happen. We will be in touch with you to see how we can leverage our growing community to put this into action.


What gets me is accessible is different and doesn’t always accommodate the handicapp/


Have you heard of https://axsmap.com/? They are trying to track accessible venues all across the country. Perhaps that can be a resource


Thanks for the resource suggestion, @stephanie_11. We’ll keep them in mind.