Lift for bathroom and bedroom

From a community member:

I have a 25 year old that needs a lift system in the bathroom and bedroom. Taking a portable one in the car or on a plane is not feasible. I’d greatly appreciate any recommendations for places that have a lift, especially the Sure Hands systems.

Thanks in advance.

There is a simple resort in Portoroz Slovenia that is run by the paraplegia foundation of Slovenia that has rails in the ceiling and Hoyer lifts in the room already installed. I do not need a Hoyer, but I saw they are available there. We stayed there and it was wonderful!

I was looking at promo materials for SureHands recently and saw that there is at least one hotel in Las Vegas that has a system installed.
Bon voyage

We will be using Special Needs Group based in Dania, Fl, for our upcoming cruise out of Vancouver, renting a portable lift. Our travel agent spoke well of them, and my phone contact with them has been very positive thus far. They have connections in many cities around the world to arrange rentals and delivery of lifts, wheelchairs, etc. 1-800-513-4515. Good luck.