Lightweight electric self-folding mobility scooter recommendations?

From a member of our community:

Hello everyone, I’m looking for a lightweight electric self-folding mobility scooter or one that easily folds and easy to load into SUV. Any recommendations from users of scooters? Thanks

In Canada: travelbuggy
In USA: EZchair

Travel Scoot

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If you’re looking to buy, we just purchased this folding scooter.

The fold-up is super easy, either using a key fob, or manually. It’s a basic scooter, will be great for traveling, plus it only weighs 50 lbs.

Some of the ones I looked at weight 75 pounds, to much for me to lift. So I ill stay in my chair and use a Braun lift.

I have a Go-Go Elite Traveler it’s 85 lbs. It breaks apart in the five pieces the heaviest is 25 pounds it’s a good scooter overall undercarriage it’s a bit fragile though for outdoor use.

Ezelife standard for 2 years, 2 batteries… 58 pounds… travel very easy and powerfull.

I have a shoprider 3. Without the battery it only weighs 35 lbs. fits easily in the trunk of my KIA Optima.

I’d like to know the experiences people have had with battery life with these scooters. My mother has one that folds nicely but the batteries died, and cost $600 to replace. Ridiculous.