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Lightweight electric self-folding mobility scooter recommendations?

From a member of our community:

Hello everyone, I’m looking for a lightweight electric self-folding mobility scooter or one that easily folds and easy to load into SUV. Any recommendations from users of scooters? Thanks

In Canada: travelbuggy
In USA: EZchair

Travel Scoot

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If you’re looking to buy, we just purchased this folding scooter.


The fold-up is super easy, either using a key fob, or manually. It’s a basic scooter, will be great for traveling, plus it only weighs 50 lbs.

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Some of the ones I looked at weight 75 pounds, to much for me to lift. So I ill stay in my chair and use a Braun lift.

I have a Go-Go Elite Traveler it’s 85 lbs. It breaks apart in the five pieces the heaviest is 25 pounds it’s a good scooter overall undercarriage it’s a bit fragile though for outdoor use.

Ezelife standard for 2 years, 2 batteries… 58 pounds… travel very easy and powerfull.

I have a shoprider 3. Without the battery it only weighs 35 lbs. fits easily in the trunk of my KIA Optima.

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I’d like to know the experiences people have had with battery life with these scooters. My mother has one that folds nicely but the batteries died, and cost $600 to replace. Ridiculous.

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Battery life is going to depend on the mfg of the battery not just the scooter. You can have an excellent scooter and get a bum battery and be stuck anywhere on anything, even in a car. Yes they’re ridiculously expensive! The “gel cell” type is the most expensive instead of the “sealed lead acid” battery being the one we’ve used for the past 6yrs. I’d never heard of such until we cruised on NCL. To that I say, shop around bc did you know different places sell the EXACT SAME BATTERY for different prices? I was so mad when I found out bc “WHAT A RIPOFF” was the 1st thing I thought! If you aren’t already, get familiar with the different terminology and always always always trust yourself. If you believe it’s a shady deal, sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Reputable ppl and stores will have a lot of positive feedback. I’ve bought batteries on eBay and Amazon instead of the local medical service store for this exact reason.

To answer your question about scooters, I have a Pride GO GO 4WD Sport scooter that I use to go back and forth to the doctor since 2013. We’ve replaced the battery 3x in 6yrs but 1x was a bummy battery that only lasted 10mos. It’s my belief that had it been mfg correctly, it would still be on my scooter now. The current battery was replaced Feb 2019. You need to also know that I don’t always stay on the “path” and sidewalks. It’s been driven really hard on the streets of NOLA, in parades and the Grand Canyon. The only reason why I’m taking it in for it’s FIRST servicing is bc I’m about to go on a cruise outside the US. The heaviest part is the battery which weighs about 40lbs??? It completely breaks apart and can fit in the trunk of our Camry. IDK all the specs but they can be found here:

Hopefully you will be able to find a good fit bc having my scooter has changed my life! Good luck and God bless you! :purple_heart::hugs:


Foldwheel 1000x, I just used to travel on Southwest Airlines. It’s was a good experience.

My husband orders batteries for mine through eBay and gets them more reasonably.
Try searching there.

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Hubby uses EZLite Cruiser electric wheelchair. But with the larger wheels and Deluxe size it is about 70lbs with the use of one battery. Still, it makes both our lives so much easier! He is independent and I don’t have to push him. We have had the chair for almost 4 years and would buy it again. It folds easily like a full size stroller does. 5 speeds. The fastest speed has me running behind him! Single battery lasts 10 miles which in days is a long time! I have had to push him when he forgot to recharge. It is not easy but it can be done.

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