List of hotels with accessible options in Chapel Hill, NC for a wedding

From a member of our community:

I would like to make a family wedding in Chapel Hill, NC in November but I don’t know how to find hotels. Do you have any recommendations or know of lists of hotels offering accessible options in relation to a family wedding (i.e. potentially requiring multiple blocks of rooms needed) in a given city?

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I would try a brand hotel such as Hilton. Their website has multiple options from economy to high end choices. I use them exclusively when traveling and I always use online booking and check the choice for accessible rooms. If you find a location you like but need a block of rooms I would suggest calling their 800 number. I have always found them very helpful

I live in Chapel Hill and there are a lot of good choices. I usually stay in Marriott chain hotels. They have a national ADA office so when you call you can ask to speak with the ADA office regarding your specific accommodation needs. I would also call the specific hotel and speak with the manager. There are a number of boutique hotels here also, some are part of chains like Marrriott. The Hotel Sienna is one, but I don’t know how accessible its rooms are.

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Hi! You have come to the right place. Here on accessibleGO, you can book hotels directly through us and filter for exactly what you need. You can filter for exactly what you need from an accessibility standpoint.

I hope I’m not too late to respond to this, but I live in Chapel Hill, and when we’ve had guests looking for a hotel, we always send them to the Hampton Inn & Suites Chapel Hill-Carrboro/Downtown. They have a number of differently configured accessible rooms with roll-in showers, and you can book a room block.

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