Living with oxygen

Hi my name is Mary. I am on oxygen 27/7. My husband needs a wheelchair! We are young 60’s lol. Wondering what we can do.

You both would be good candidates for cruising. Oxygen and wheelchair/electric scooters work very well for people like you “youngsters” Get a good local travel agents to help you set up everything for a perfect vacation trip. If I can help let me know.

Hi Mhigbee58, I’m Pinky; one of your Forum Moderator’s.

I wanted to Welcome You to our our Accessible Forum Community. You’ve come to the perfect place for your travel idea needs. We have thousands of members here with all types of travel challenges, its kinda our specialty.

We would love to help you find a trip that would work great for you and your husband, but we will need some more information to get that search started. We need to first know what kind of trips do you want to make? Do you wanna be tourist and see all the sites?; Do you like to just go to the beach and eat in amazing dining?;Something in-between? Anything you want… the world is your oyster and if there is a way for us to figure out how you can get there, we will, Don’t be afraid to tell us your dream vacation, between all of us here; I can guarantee you someone here has figures out a way to make it happen.

Member Mabscall’s suggestion is a great idea because of the oxygen situation. Cruises are well prepared for those passengers and you get the relief of knowing your traveling somewhere that always has tanks available if yours has any issues.

Take some time and go thru the forum posts to see if any if the trips taken sound of interest to you. You never know what you may see from another member too. Our members always seem to amaze me with what they do when they travel around the world.

Looking forward to finding you your fantasy trip,
Pinky :fairy: