Longwood Gardens.

Voted one of the best gardens in the country year after year you will see why. Although going through a large constructin project to double the size of the conservatory until 2024 . WHat they do have outside in the warmer months is breathtaking. From the hundreds of thousands of tulips . In the spring. The many variety of flowers. Chrysanthemum festival every fall. Train garden. It is indeed my wife and i favorite place to go throughout the year. They do have wc and scooters to rent.

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Great place to visit. The Christmas lights are a must to see. My grandson used to work there.

In the old house is the original land grant from the king to William Penn.

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Might I respectfully request that the location of the attraction be included in the title of posts such as this? I love good garden, but have no idea where this is.

It is located in Longwood PA. On route 1 south of phila about a half hour north of the Maryland Pennsylvania state line. South of Philadelphia
in Chester County Timed admission tickets are required certain times of the year.