Looking for a travel companion for a tour

From a community member:

I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for finding aides, companions, or any people (man or woman) who might be able to accompany a woman and man who both use a wheelchair on a tour?

We have a regular wheelchair that is 40 lbs, a power chair that is 140 lbs. and comes apart in 4 pcs, and a transport chair that is 33 lbs.

Thanks in advance, any help would be a lifesaver.

I have found help at care.com. It is sort of hit or miss but it is the only place I have been able to find help regularly. I have not tried for a travel companion but have found it for other needs.

There used to be the services who fulfilled this exact need but, with the pandemic, they seem to have gone away. A local agency may have people prepared to do this.
My current recommendation is to find someone you know I would be willing/prepared to do this. A former caregiver has offered to do this for me.

GOMO travel.com just presented at Travelability Summit. Provides travel companions

I’m reposting from our wonderful moderator Pinky, who detailed out a few resources on a post a few months back.

So, lets rip the band-aid :adhesive_bandage: off and get the bad news out of the way. I dug and dug and followed link after link from peoples’ reviews and almost 3/4th of the time, the company’s website was gone, or they were closed for good. It’s funny that it is just starting to hit me now about what they meant about the shortage of people in the medical and caretaking fields. :pleading_face:

Ok, so that’s the bad news… But Pinky always comes with good news if I have to tell you the other stuff. So here is what I found (please be advised I have not worked with any of these companies directly; these were from other peoples reviews and/or listings I found in searches):fairy:

This list would have been triple before the lockdown; my apologies. So heartbreaking. I have all 12 fingers :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: :crossed_fingers: crossed though that one of these will work for you. Remember too, this is not an exhaustive list; I am sure there are a lot more companies out there that help with escorted travel, I just was not able to find in my own searching. Did want to advise to stay away from posting for hiring someone from Craigslist :stop_sign:. Not saying everyone on there is bad; but it’s not worth the stress to have to filter out those responses.

Please come back and let us know if you found someone/agency and share with us who (if you don’t mind)? And would love to hear what you think!

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Hi. I’m in the same boat too and I am looking for travel companion. I have not found anybody. I use a power chair. Please share any information. Thank you.