Looking to visit Vermont, Maine, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Georgia, or Arkansas

From a member of our community:

I’m looking to go visit Vermont, Maine, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Georgia, or Arkansas, I’m not much of a big town person but I like nature and history and would love any advice and tips.

Here’s some great information about some of the states mentioned:

Visit Cape Cod and try Chatham Bars Inn. They have a walk in pool that’s amazing. The grounds are just beautiful. Lots of winding pathways the area perfect for scooters. The beach has path threw the sand I was able to drive. I heard there is a beach wheelchair for the water. But I couldn’t leave the huge oool. It’s a bit expensive, but totally worth it. They make your stay amazing. Very accommodating.

Hot Springs Arkansas is great.

Hi Sam,
Thank you for posting the message for the member. This is Pinky :woman_fairy:, of your Forum Moderator’s here on AccessibleGo. What a fantastically diverse listings of locations you would like to visit. If I had to put my vote in for one of the states, I would say Maine :evergreen_tree: (if you like breathtaking scenery?) or Georgia (if you like history and want to learn about America’s past? :classical_building:).
I would love to be of assistance to you and help with some travel advice, but would love to learn a little more about if you have any special needs/accommodations when traveling for accessibility? (That could make a big difference on what I might suggest)? Also, are you looking for just some general “stuff/places” to check out while visiting or were you looking for some advice with accommodations too?
When you get a chance, if you could just add those couple extra details for me, I will get right to work on writing you back some suggestions. My apologies for not providing any yet, but you left me with such a huge, open question; that I could write volumes back to you (and folks on here know I will too, I love to help folks travel…lol :wink:).

Thank you so much and I look forward to being of more assistance to you.

Pinky :kissing_heart: