Lowes Hotel in Miami Beach, FL and Wheelchair Rental

My Husband and I will soon be travelling to Miami. I made reservations at the Lowes Hotel Miami Beach. I was just told by a friend that this facility is very large and she did not know if I would be able to get around there. I have pain going down my left leg, nerve damage, and weakness in my left leg so I need a rollator to help me walk. Has anyone stayed at this hotel who can give me some information about accessibility and the amount of walking at the Lowes Miami Beach? If I need to rent a wheelchair, has anyone rented equipment when in the Miami area? Is it better to rent a scooter (I’ve never used one) rather than a wheelchair?

In my experience, a rental scooter is better than a wheelchair. It is generally lighter and can be broken down so it will fit in the trunk of a car. Rental scooters come typically with a basket so one is able to carry stuff around. When I used scooters, I usually put my purse between my feet rather than in the basket to make it a little harder to steal. I do not know a local rental company but the two biggest providers are Special Needs at Sea and Scootaround. Both can be found online and will have your scooter delivered either to the bell desk or to your room. I recommend the former, you can then see if you can move around your room with your scooter while someone else is carrying your luggage.

I have not rented equipment in Miami but have done do in other cities. I think a scooter is best because it breaks down easier for transportation l. I always go to the hotel’s concierge prior to the trip and ask for his/her assistance in renting a mobility scooter. It is normally delivered to the hotel so I have it available upon arrival. Then it is picked up there following my departure.

I agree with the suggestion regarding renting a scooter because having both a small electric wheelchair and a scooter, I think you would have more mobility with the scooter if only because they tend to be narrower than a wheelchair. Enjou your trip!!

The public transportation in Miami Beach is great. All the busses are accessible. There are sidewalks everywhere. Unless you are using a power wheelchair, go for the scooter.

Ya Miami is beautiful and got be careful walking at night in certain area is has gangs I use live there try visiting little Havana great food and coffee there’s a Lotta good areas to check out down there to do aquariums nice and a zoo is nice

Thank you for this helpful information.

Sounds as though the scooter is the way to go. I hope that they are not too difficult to navigate - I wouldn’t want to knock anybody down.

Check out the Loews Miami Beach Hotel website and you can see how big it is.

Miami is very accessible. Check out:

Hi Carol (@cbh1337) - it looks like a lot of suggestions have come in from members of the community! We created City Guides for our Top 30 US Cities - and Miami is one of them. You will see the Top 10 Accessible Attractions as well as a 48-Hour Itinerary. If you scroll down at the link, you will also see accessibility resources (including Equipment Rental). We are not affiliated with these companies, but rather provide them for you as a resource while you travel.