Luggage for air travel with power wheel chair

I was wondering if anyone had tips on handling luggage from your vehicle from parking to the airport terminal when dealing with a power wheel chair when traveling by yourself.


Phoenix Instinct: Wheelchair compatible luggage and travel …


I am not sure about electric chairs. This luggage is awesome for manual chairs. Look at them.

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I normally hang the duffle on the back of chair and roll large bag with my free hand.

I have also had to hold one in front on foot rest and push it along with my chair.

My motorized chair I have large careabeaner on back so I pull suitcase
behind me. Then something on my lab. If I travel also with a walker it
gets more challenging.

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I use a suitcase with wheels on the bottom of them; so it stays upright.

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Do you not request assistance at the airport? I would think, the airlines would assist in someway to check luggage at the curb

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Call the airline your flying on for what to do

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Call the airline your flying on for what you need to do , each airline has different ways they load them

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I frequently travel alone and it can be a challenge. What I normally do is have 2 bungee cords. I fasten one on the back of the chair in a spot that it won’t cause increased pressure on your back. I use a manual chair so electric might be a little easier. Then I fasten the handle of the suitcase to the bungee cord on the back of the chair. I use suitcases with 4 wheels that can pull on 2 or 4 that way they don’t tip. I also use hard sided suitcases with a strap around it so it does not pop open. I hang a duffle bag on the back with my CPAP and meds in that and then the suitcase from the bungee. If I have a second case I put it on my foot pedals and between my feet. As soon as I am in the airport I can get assistance from there.
Some airports have a phone where you can call and request assistance in the parking lot. Or even consider valet parking. If you are renting a car do that in the airport and they will send assistance down to you.
I don’t check my chair but gate check it instead because I simply do not trust them to not lose it or leave me stranded at a gate and change gates without letting me know

What a great question. I’m anxious to see the responses.

I am ambulatory but weak from MS. LAX requires Ubers to park outside and shuttle to the airport. I can’t lift my bag by myself. The shuttle website says they don’t help with luggage, except for disabled. I don’t appear disabled but need help and don’t want a hassle.

Use a backpack that you can put on the back of the chair, making sure it doesn’t interfere with the wheels. (I have a gorgeous leather backpack I found at a thrift store before all my surgeries that still looks new after 20 years) My CPAP bag also holds my meds & supplies, and sits on my feet/footrest. For longer trips you can ship your baggage directly to your hotel or accommodation rather than risk it getting lost by an airline, and someone at your destination can help you ship it home. Of course you notify the airline that you require assistance with your bags @ TSA (buy pre-check!) & boarding

Great question. I am about to have this experience for the first time. Wondered how I was going to manage.

I have a Travel Scoot electric scooter and I can tow one bag behind the scooter and take another in my L hand. My camera bag goes by my feet. All my bags have 4 wheels.