Massanutten Virginia

Has anyone stayed at the resort?
Your opinion on accessibility would be wonderful.
My adult daughter doesn’t have use of her legs. What are you experiences?

What resort? Location

Hi @brendakenn2! Emily here from accessibleGO. I personally have not stayed here, but I did a bit of research, so I hope that helps. And hope someone who has stayed there is able to give input!

So they do have a ton of information on accessibility on their site - which I feel isn’t the most common thing. Great sign! They go into detail on each feature of the resort. It seems like you would need to be specific when booking to ensure you get what you need.

From the rooms to the waterpark to the skiing, it seems like they will work to accommodate your daughter. They recommend calling the Concierge Service once you book to ensure you can have all your needs met.

Which resort? I see someone replied but I still fo not see which resort is being discussed

I believe they are referring to Massanutten Resort! :slight_smile: