Midtown NYC Hotel recommendations

I will be in NYC in March for nearly a week and need a budget conscious, accessible hotel for 2 people (myself and my partner) in midtown. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

You might try looking on booking.com they will let you add “Handicap Accessible” to the search, then show you the rates of many hotels in the area. We just used it to search in Dearborn and it showed some really amazing deals. You will want to call the hotel you select before you book on the site to make sure the “Accessbile” listing meets your needs just as a saftey measure, because as we all know that word means many things to different chains and areas. Another thought I have considered is possibly “house swap” with another handicap person looking for lodging in your area. I know I would consider swapping if there were a place and site available for that.

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Just wanted to point out that on accessibleGO.com, you can search for both a budget-friendly and accessible hotel as that is our focus.

First, we offer accessibility data on hotels in the top 30 cities in the USA, so you can filter by these options, with more cities coming soon.

Second, we offer clubGO, our travelers club from accessibleGO, which offers between 10-60% off hotels in the USA, depending on dates and locations searched.

Third, our reviews focus on accessibility, check out this example for an NYC hotel:

We are here to help! Please message us with any questions and suggestions.
(We are about to release new, more user friendly designs, stay tuned!)

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I am a big fan of Airbnb.

This person’s listing seems to be accessible.


If you flip through, there are some accessible apartments.

Thanks for the tip about booking.com. I tried it and got a few more possibilities. A house swap is a possibility I had not considered, but will look into. I appreciate the thoughts!


Thanks. I have been looking at AirBnB, but have never tried it. So, it’s good to know others are fans of it!


Thanks, Miriam. Yes, I have been checking your site a lot. Many of your listings for places in the area I would prefer don’t yet have any accessibility info. So, I am leery about them until I get more info and i don’t really trust that if I phone the hotel I will get accurate info on accessibility. Nevertheless, I am very excited about your site and services and can’t wait to see and help it grow!



I have used it several times and been quite happy. I have used Lyft 3-4 times and also got good servace. I did not have

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Thank you for the kind words about our site! We are very glad to have you as part of our community and thank you for being a part of our growth!

Thanks for the thoughts!

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I like how everyone on this site comes together to help each other that’s so nice. Im glad im apart of this site.


Hilton Garden Inn New York/Central Park South-Midtown West