Mississippi river cruise

My wife and I want to take a river cruise down the lower Mississippi River and end up in New Orleans for a few days. I get around outside in a power wheelchair, but I get around the house using a walker and manual wheelchair.This will be the first trip that we will be taking since I got sick. I am looking for any advice for this particular cruise and who I should use for help in booking this type of vacation.

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We have been on a Caribbean Cruise & it was 100% accessible, but when you book, make sure to inform the cruise line, that you are in need of an accessible room…Good Luck

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We took a similar cruise but on the upper Mississippi. The trip was great, but I wasn’t using a rollator or any mobility help at that time. Make sure the entrance to the ship (steamship I assume) is accessible since I remember stairs to get inside. These ships are very different than ocean liners and may not be as accessible.

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Hello! My sister and I have a Mississippi River cruise booked for this spring. I use a manual wheelchair the majority of the time. I have an accessible cabin booked on the American Countess. Of the American Queen boats, it seemed to have the best accommodations for someone needing a roll-in shower. We embark in Memphis and disembark in NOLA. I’m still in the process of planning all the many details. I too could use any tips from anyone who has cruised on a riverboat with a significant mobility issue. I hope this has been a bit helpful.

I agree call American cruise line.

Would love to do the same thing except maybe from Mpls. If you can let me know if you get any responses.

Your not going to find one this time of year half of the river is frozen and half with heavy ice floating this time of year

Hey u have to tell me how it goes…I’m in same shape n single so keep that in mind …I would like to do by myself if possible so tell me if it’s possible…I’m pretty independent n want to stay that way if I can so please tell me if it works for u n wife thanks faith

We never went on a Caribean cruise since we’re not really beach people. What else is there to do on one of these cruises?

We were thinking about Memphis to Orleans also. Please let me know how your trip goes. Enjoy!

Bill, I just recently did the Mississippi cruise starting in New Orleans going up to Memphis, Tennessee. We used American cruise lines. I used my three wheel electric scooter and it worked out absolutely phenomenal. They did everything and anything they could do to make my trip a success. If need be, they would take you down the ramp to the dock, and put you on a golf cart until you a scooter or electric wheelchair arrived. In and around the ship there were elevators. To go floor to floor. I recommend the upper level suites which I’m sure they’re giving away for an inexpensive price due to the time of year. We were on the 4th floor, the Entertainment level. If you would like, please email me at Bchbumblus@aol.com
An exchange phone numbers and I can give you a heads up.

Have you checked out American Cruise Lines based in Memphis? They have several different cruises that cover the Mississippi River from New Orleans up to St. Paul MN. You would probably have to book 2 or 3 cruises to cover 7 -8 states.

I have been om cruises to Alaska and Mexico but never a river cruise. We did take a RV trip along the Mississippi. I use a Travel Scoot and have for the last 8 years. It weighs 35# and goes for about 12 miles on a charge. If it can be used on the boat I don’t think you will have a problem on shore tours. Natchez Mississippi has a lot to see and is not difficult on a scooter.