Mobility aid show room in indianapolis open today (7/30/22)?

Hi I’m Audrey.
I’m looking for my first powered when chair and happen to be in Indy today. Is there an open show room?

I use a manual for distance, my husband pushes me. But we’re realizing i could have a better quality life with a powered chair. I have a spinal tumor, lots of pain and fatigue, foot pain.
Also, what’s your experience dealing with medicare for a powered wheelchair?
Any help is appreciated!

I have had a few chairs but finally got the one I have now. It’s a Fold and Go chair. It weighs 60lbs and folds like a regular chair and fits in the trunk of the car. It’s comfortable. Love it

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Have you considered a Smart Drive attachment on your manual chair? It’s on the Permobil website

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I love my power wheelchair. I can now go when and where I want without depending on anyone else. I have a little Pride Go Chair for travel. It comes apart and can fit in a car trunk. We paid for it ourselves.
I have a big fancy wheelchair for everyday use loaned to me (free of charge) from MDA .

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I have an Air Hawk collapsible wheelchair because it is light weight it can be stored in the trunk of a car or taxi (if you are traveling).
The Air Hawk is an FDA registered approved medical device; therefore, there are no sales taxes, and it can be written off.
Air Hawk weighs 41lbs without batteries. Air Hawk has 2 batteries, each battery weighs 5 lbs.
The pigtail enables charging the battery outside the chair. Remove the battery from the sleeve, attach the pigtail to the charger and then to the battery. Then plug in the charger.
The Air Hawk website is:


How was your experience with medicare to get the chair? Thank you

This is the chair I have. It weighs 385 pounds. Tilt, lift, recline, usb port, lights and leg lift

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I would say thats the Cadilac of electric Chairs.

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Maybe, the only item missing, is a standing piece. Thank goodness I don’t need it now.

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It is going to take a good deal of documentation to justify the need for a power chair if you have a manual chair that is less than five years old. I would suggest going to a wheelchair clinic to have an evaluation of your needs done by a PT/OT to see what is most appropriate.
Rehabilitation Hospitals usually have wheelchair clinics in their outpatient settings.
Having an evaluation done also helps getting Medicare approval and also ensures that the chair will meet your needs

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Whoa!! That’s amazing. I’m not ready for that just yet. But I’m glad you have what you need!!

I bought my manual chair myself. Used on marketplace.

The good news is that you have something to work with. If you have any insurance, then you could work with your doctor and wheelchair (OT/PT) therapist. They will go over what your needs are and fit you properly. They will also submit the paperwork to get started. The most important thing to realize is that you can’t operate a manual wheelchair anymore. Most of the time it’s because of loss of upper body strength. I don’t know what you have for insurance, but mine covered what I needed 100% except the lift. That was provided by a grant. Just to let you know, my first power chair was a basic model that just lifted my legs for mobility and keep the legs moving.

I only have medicare. I need something i can travel with too.
How long did it take to get yours Approved?

Hi all! I just joined this site-- Ive been putting off getting any mobility help and found myself getting further away from enjoying the rest of the life I have. So 3 days ago, I ordered a power, foldable wheelchair from e-bay, new in box for less then a $1000. I have a walker and I will continue to use that for short local jaunts to doctors and stuff-- I dont want to give up walking altogether. My issue has always been an inbility to walk far without my body hurting and I start leaning forward. My vertebrae slipped forward on one of my falls. I was looking at getting on of those 3 wheeled bikes but when I found out they dont go backwards, I changed my mind on that. Now getting ready to go on a trip to a foreign country and hope it works out-- although my host said he would enjoy pushing me around, which is great, but I need mobility in those huge airports I will be having stopovers in.

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Can you tell me more about your chair? Your situation is similar to mine. Thanks and welcome to the community!

Well, I got my chair the other day and it doesnt fit me-- the arms dont move and the seat is too small-- so now my choices are using a manual wheelchair vs. using a rollator. I can walk on a rollator, a bit wobbly and it doesnt help me to stand straight up. But the wheelchair would have to be pushed. I have been using one of the hospital wheelchairs when I go for an appointment at the facility to get myself used to moving myself in the wheelchair. But its never perfect. Mobility issues are some of the worst things to have to choose on a travel excursion. I’m back to trying to a get a Grit Freedom Chair. Decisions, decisions…

Hi @sistersplace - I’m sorry to hear that! Which one did you get? I have a standard travel chair - the Ranger Royce, and the arms go up and down and the seat is a standard size, so unsure if it would work for you? But the arms don’t have the guard rails on the side, so definitely is a bit roomier if it had one!

A lot of the foldable chairs have good return policies - they know that disabled people are just trying to find something that works great for them. So could be an option to continue exploring?

The Grit Freedom chair looks awesome!! Definitely all terrain, which would be great for the cobblestone streets.

I got one off of ebay–I had been looking for one on-line for awhile- these chairs always cost too dang much-- the average person on disability cant really afford to layout like 3-4000 cash. Its was new in box and now trying to get it sent back so it doesnt cost an arm and a leg. If the arms had come up on it I would have kept it, because I need a power chair that folded up-- I will check out yours next. The pone I got was called

Ahhh got it. Yeah some of them can get pretty pricey. Mine looks pretty similar - I think cost around $2K, and then yeah, the arms come up which is pretty nice.