Mobility Scooter Accessible Resorts, etc

From a community member:

My travel issues usually relate to getting around on a mobility scooter. I’ve found that some places are not accessible. It would be nice to know what resorts, etc. can be accessed via mobility scooter.

Wheelchair user here and I must admit that I am a little puzzled by your question. What needs would a scooter user have in accessing a resort that a wheelchair user would not? I’ve been in a wheelchair for over fifty years and have worked in the rehab field and have always understood the needs of both wheelchair and scooter users to line up pretty much equally.

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You can call before you make a reservation at any resort to see how they handle handicap access to their resort. Check out thier websites sometimes they have pictures of their rooms and entry ways.

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Hi there! Emily here from accessibleGO. I am a wheelchair user, and I find most new hotels I go to be accessible to wheelchairs. Don’t get me wrong - things aren’t always perfect or ideal. But I find since the newer hotels are compliant with the ADA, they are easier to navigate in a wheelchair. Happy to provide more info here!