Mobility Scooter transport

I just purchased a scooter and need recommendations on the best way to transport it for auto travel. This scooter comes a part in four pieces and fits in the back pf our minivan. What works better…install a scooter carrier, some type of lift device, or portable ramps that fold for storage. Keep in mind that the users are a pair of lame old ladies.


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I purchased a carrier that attached to my trailer hitch. It folded up when not in use. Search carrier for mobility scooter on the internet and you should find a large variety of options. Good luck!

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You will need to decide for yourselves, based on your abilities. If you can take it apart and stow it, that would be my first choice for as long as you are able. It would keep your scooter out of the weather, there would be no additional cost at this time, and you could always use the carrier or ramp options when it becomes necessary.

That being said, I am confined to a wheelchair, and could not go anywhere if it were not for my power chair and ramp van.

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I had a scooter and a power chair quite a few years ago. I also owned a minivan. They were able to install a lift in the back of my minivan by folding down the very last seat. There no holes drilied or no damage done to the car when they installed the lift so when I traded cars it had no effect on the value. The lift came straight out then down to the ground level. The scooter or chair was held on by bungee type cords. Once you took the scooter or chair off you hit the button and lift went back up and inside the car so that it was locked away. It had to be charged periodically so I bought a heavy duty outdoor cord and we had an outdoor outlet and I was able to do it overnight as cord was not bothered by liftgate closing on it. The only reason I didn’t keep it is because I can no longer physically get into a car due to the lymphedema I have in both lower legs; I cannot lift my legs to get in the driver’s seat. I now have a conversion van because I have to use the ramp to get in/out of the van. My biggest issue is the lack of van accessible parking space.

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We have a lift that goes in the back of the van. Comes out of the van lowers to the ground drive scooter on push button & lift takes it back into the van. It is out of the rain & goes out & in easily you do have to take out the rear seat or lower it in the floor board. We purchased from mobility America.


Keep doing what you are doing as long as you can and safe doing it .

We just put in our mini van a Bruno Joey lift.

You will lose the use of the rear fold down seats as it attaches to the anchors on the floor for those seats.

Everything is inside and dry. Just use the power control and it comes out, you drive on, get off and the joey will pick it up and slide it right into your van


Hey gr8haus, it’s Pinky :fairy:; one of your Forum moderators. :crystal_ball: I was actually just about to suggest the exact same lift (the Bruno Joey Lift). Total agreement on the ease and helpfulness of this lift.

Still dreaming of when they make some sort of lift for my chair that allows me to transfer to driver’s seat and then lifts it all the way to the back and into the car. (Or a winning Powerball ticket and I’ll just have that made).

I wanted to add some more info on the lift for anyone who is interested in it. Also, worth checking out the other Bruno lifts if that one does not work for you; they have a lot of different types of options based on vehicle type, personal ability needs and size.

Thank you to everyone here on the Forum for sharing all of your lift suggestions and personal stories of your experience with us, it’s very helpful to so many others here.

Everyone have a fabulous week!

-Pinky :fairy:

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Hi there. I use a powerchair for travel and outings with lots of walking. I first had a hitch mounted carrier on the back of my vehicle, then finally went with a platform that is installed in the back of my minivan that comes in and out and lowers to the ground with my chair. The take apart scooters, I have had several, are very very heavy for anyone with any physical limits. They are awkward and hard to put back together and take apart, I would put a carrier with a ramp on the back of your car to begin with and see how that goes. Good luck!

I just had a lift like that put in my van. Game changer and I love love love it so much. Blessed I was able to do this in my van and now I can take my chair everywhere with me.

love love love mine. Game changer.